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Government and Politics A level at Bishop Heber High School

Course description

This course is designed for students with an interest in current affairs and the workings of the world around them. The course involves analysing and debating the key issues in the way Britain and the world are run and how we could change things for the better (or for the worst!). Students are encouraged to develop this opinions and ability to communicate arguments both in verbal debates and through written answers. The course covers many aspects of the law, economics and politics and is an excellent basis for a wide range of degrees. An inquisitive mind and an interest in the news will give you the basis to explore the effectiveness of everything from Prime Ministers to Terrorists, from Protestors to your local MP. Students will ponder the big questions of the day and endeavour to find solutions. 

Course content

There are four exam units on the following topics: 

Year 12

AS UNIT 1: People and Politics 

  • Democracy: What is Democracy? Is the UK really democratic? Is Democracy worth fighting for?
  • Political Parties: Are political parties a good thing? Who are the Monster Raving Looney Party?
  • Electoral Systems: Are elections really fair? Do other countries have fairer elections?
  • Pressure Groups: Does protesting really change anything? Are some methods of protest more effective than others?

AS UNIT 2: Governing the UK

  • The Constitution: How does government work in the UK? Should we have a constitution like the US
  • Parliament: How does Parliament work? Does it represent the people of Britain? Are MPs corrupt?
  • The Prime Minister: How effective is the Prime Minister? Who were the best and worst Prime Ministers? What powers does the Prime Minister actually have?
  • The Judiciary: Is the British legal system fair? Have Human Rights gone too far?  

Year 13

A2 UNIT 3: UK Political Issues 

  • The Economy: Who was responsible for the financial crisis? What is the best way to achieve economic growth?
  • Social Welfare: Should we get rid of the NHS? Do people on benefits get too much money?
  • Law and Order: Is the Police Force effective? Should there be harsher sentences for criminals?
  • The Environment: Should we build nuclear power stations? Should we expand Heathrow Airport? Are wind farms a good idea? Is fracking dangerous?

A2 UNIT 4: EU Political Issues

  • EU Institutions
  • EU Issues
  • The EU and the UK

By the end of the course students will have a broad knowledge of the major issues in Britain the wider world today and idea of what experts in the field believe could be the solutions and failures of the future. The course starts assuming only a basic understanding of current events and builds up student’s confidence and understanding as the course progresses through a wide range of learning activities both within and outside the classroom context including a joint residential visit with History to London to visit Parliament. 


How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Bishop Heber High School directly.

Last updated date: 02 September 2016

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