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Psychology - A Level at The St Marylebone CE School

Course description

The course is split into three papers, each with a different focus on an aspect of Psychology.

In paper one: Introductory Topics In Psychology students learn about memory, how it works and what happens when it goes wrong; abnormality, what causes OCD, phobias and depression and how different approaches in psychology treat these; why people obey and conform and how our childhood affects our subsequent development.

Paper two (Psychology in Context) consists of biopsychology, looking at the role of the brain and it’s functioning, the nervous system, hormones and neurotransmitters and how bodily rhythms all influence behaviour. It also examines the main theoretical perspectives in Psychology; the Psychodynamic, Behaviourism, Humanistic and Cognitive approaches as well as understanding the fundamental aspects of how to carry out Psychological studies (Research Methods) and analyse data.

Paper three; Issues and Options in Psychology examines the key issues and debates within the field of psychology including freewill and determinism, the nature - nurture debate and ethics. In addition students study the topics of Aggression, looking at biological and social explanations of aggression and how the media influences aggressive behaviour; Schizophrenia, how it’s caused and treated and Relationships, including romantic and virtual relationships and attraction to celebrities.

Entry requirements

Grade 5 in Maths GCSE, Grade 6 in either English Language or English Literature GCSE and Grade 6 in  either Single Science Biology GCSE, Core Science GCSE or Additional Science GCSE.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The St Marylebone CE School directly.

Last updated date: 21 November 2017
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