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Biology AS/A2 Level at ARK Globe Academy

Course description

Year One (AS)

Unit 1: Cells, Exchange and Transport.

In this unit you will learn about the structure of cells and how they work, including cell division and diversity. You will also cover transport and exchange systems in mammals and plants.

Unit 2: Molecules, Biodiversity Food and Health.

In this unit you will learn about the structure and function of biomolecules like protein and DNA. You will explore the diversity and origin of life on earth. The unit also covers how diet and smoking affect health, and how the immune system can protect the body against disease. You will carry out some fieldwork as part of this unit.

Unit 3: Practical Skills in Biology 1.

You will be assessed on your practical and investigative skills which you will have developed during AS Biology. The three tasks (qualitative, quantitative and evaluative) will be completed in lesson time under controlled conditions.

All AS students must attend a residential ecology field course.


Year Two (A2)

Unit 4: Communication, Homeostasis and Energy.

In this unit you will learn about the way in which energy is used in organisms, including details of photosynthesis and respiration and control and co-ordination in animals and plants.

Unit 5: Control, Genomes and Environmental Biology.

In this unit you will study genetic control of cells and variation in animal and plants. You will explore various gene technologies like cloning and gene therapy. The unit covers the nervous control and animal behaviour. There is also a section on environmental biology.

Unit 6: Practical Skills in Biology 2.

This unit is similar to ‘Practical Skills in Biology 1’ in its format of three classroom based practical activities. However the tasks will require a higher level of understanding and explanation.


Course content

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Entry requirements

B at GCSE in Biology and Mathematics.


AS: Unit One and Unit Two by written examination in June; Unit Three will be assessed internally during the first two terms of the first year.

A2: Unit Four and Unit Five by written examination in June; Unit Six will be assessed internally during the first two terms of the second year.

Future opportunities

A level Biology is needed for many higher education courses in medical and life sciences. The skills learnt in all science A levels are highly regarded by universities and employers, for example in the financial world.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact ARK Globe Academy directly.

Last updated date: 01 May 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1 - 2 Years