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English Literature A Level at Eaton Bank Academy

Course description

Both courses are engaging, extensive and enriching and focus on students enjoying a range of fantastic texts of literary value. In both courses, students will experience a variety of poetry, plays and novels across time periods and genres. Students will also embed the texts they study in the contexts in which they were written. Not only will readers enjoy the courses, but so too will those interested in people and places and those with an analytical mind. Those with aspirations to go on to higher education should most certainly consider the prestige attached to an English
Literature qualification at A Level. Below are some of the activities and themes you will encounter:

You will study texts from different literary periods, genres and traditions.
You will read a range of texts looking at how writers use language, structure and form to achieve their effects.

You will explore the importance of a range of significant literary features such as: narrative, character, settings, themes and genre.

Through the work, you will become a much better reader and be able to identify precisely, with appropriate linguistic terminology, how a text affects its audience.

You will have the opportunity to complete coursework (A Level only) as well as sit external examinations.

You will learn about the important contexts in which texts are constructed and how the contexts influence what writers feel compelled to write about and how readers might respond.
Sixth form Literature students are introduced to the challenging, exciting and enriching field of literary criticism to enable them to consider new ways of interpreting texts; a field of study previously regarded as suitable for undergraduates.
If you choose to study English Literature at Eaton Bank Academy, you choose to elect for a creative and engaging course which is taught by a team of experienced and specialist teachers who use a diversity of learning activities to suit all learning styles.

Future opportunities

Young people with creative, well-read and analytical backgrounds are appreciated by many undergraduate courses and occupations. An ability to engage with texts and language, and the facility to articulate and communicate ideas clearly and accurately is essential in most jobs. In reality, it is hard to think of a single occupation in which communication is not a key skill! However, careers with a direct link to the subject include, law, publishing, marketing, journalism and teaching.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Eaton Bank Academy directly.

Last updated date: 18 April 2018

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