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ICT A Level at Harris Academy Peckham

Course description

Information and Communication Technology is concerned with the use of computer hardware and software to process data, generate information and communicate. By the end of the course you will have developed an understanding of the role of ICT in different types of organisations.  Through hands-on practical work you will acquire the skills to use a variety of application software, and the skills to analyse client requirements in order to design and develop ICT solutions.

Course content


AS Unit 1- INFO1: 50% of AS level, 25% of A level

Practical Problem Solving in the Digital World
Through practical experience in using a range of applications software students will gain an understanding of how ICT systems are developed and apply the skills, knowledge and understanding gained, to solve IT problems.
The topics covered are: health & safety when using ICT, analysis of user requirements, designing an ICT solution, selecting appropriate input devices and media, storage devices, output methods and media, systems and applications software, testing ICT solutions, and evaluating an ICT solution.

AS Unit 2 - INFO2 : 50% of AS level, 25% of A level

Living in the Digital World
This unit provides an understanding of the basic terms and concepts involved in the study of ICT and a wider view of the role and function of ICT in general.  The various issues arising from the use of ICT, which affect individuals, society and organisations are also explored.
The topics covered are: an ICT system and its components, understanding data and information, methods of processing data, people and ICT systems, data transfer technologies – communication technologies, elements and characteristics of networks, safety and security of data – threats to ICT systems, legislation and regulations relating to ICT, backup and recovery, the benefits and limitations of ICT,  the factors which influence ICT, and the consequences of using ICT for individuals and for society.     

A2 Unit 3 - INFO3:  30% of A level

The Use of ICT in the Digital World
The main focus of this unit is on the use and management of ICT in organisations, both large and small.

The topics include: emerging and future technologies - their impact on individuals, organisations and society, information and different ICT systems in organisations, managing ICT in organisations, ICT strategy, ICT policies, ICT related legislation and their impact on policies and procedures, developing ICT solutions – the factors which influence successful development projects, and why development projects might fail, ICT system development methods, the tools and techniques for ICT system development, the reliability and testing of large ICT systems, system conversion and installation, backup and recovery for large ICT systems, appropriate methods of training and supporting users, using external services, and managing ICT resources.

A2 Unit 4 - INFO4:  20% of A level

In this unit, students address a significant business problem to create and document a real-world ICT solution in consultation with end users.  Most candidates create relational database solutions to assist users in operational tasks and generate management information.

Book List:
Information and Communication Technology for AQA AS 3rd edition:  Mott, Leeming & Williams                    
(Hodder Education: ISBN: 9780340958308)       

AQA Information and Communication Technology for A2 3rd Edition:  Mott, Leeming & Williams   
(Hodder Education: ISBN: 9780340958292)               

Advanced Database Projects in Access 3rd Edition: Rendell & Mott
(Hodder Education: ISBN: 9780340929254)

Future opportunities

A good grade in ICT at A level is valued by universities and employers as it demonstrates an understanding of the role of ICT within organisations and also points towards logical, analytical skills.  This course lays an appropriate foundation for further study of Information Systems or related subjects in higher education.  

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Harris Academy Peckham directly.

Last updated date: 05 April 2017
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