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Drama and Theatre A Level at The Belvedere Academy 6th Form

Course description

A Level Drama and Theatre is a challenging and enjoyable course that allows pupils to get a real understanding of the development of theatre and its journey through history.
Students create, perform and analyse theatre from varying classical and contemporary settings.


Course content

Theatre Practice

Students practically explore texts in the style of varying practitioners and spend time focusing on actor training in preparation for the aray of practical study over the two years.

Devised Project

Working in groups students create an original and innovative piece of theatre that is developed from a stimulus that is of the interest of the students.

Exploring and Performing Texts

Pupils perform an exxtract of a  complete and substantial play, which is the choice of the centre knowing the strengths of the students, and students put into practice their performing and acting talent.  Pupils work on creating characters and really gtetting to grip swith a text from page-to-stage.

Analysing Performance 

The practical exploration of texts with the view to answering questions in the examination where students choose two texts from themes and explore the way in which an actor or set designer could convey elements, issues or themes of the texts on stage.

Deconstructing Texts for Performance 

Students study a play from a set text list from the exam board and, with the view of a director, decide how they would stage their own performance with their own contemporary concept and vision.


Entry requirements

Grade B or above in GCSE Drama or equivalent experience in Drama.  

Though not essential, it is desirable for students to have a passion for Drama outside of school, whether through classes or qualifications.  It is also strongly advised, for success and enjoyment of the course, that pupils have a B grade and enjoyment for English Literature.



Students are examined practically and they justify their acting decisions through research documents and short portfolios that can be written, sketched or even videoed.

In the written exams students are marked on their ability to examine and analyse, their ability to interpret text, evaluate live theatre and design, and direct theatre.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Belvedere Academy 6th Form directly.

Last updated date: 18 October 2016

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