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Entry to Uniformed Public Services Level 1 at Wiltshire College

Course description

This course aims to provide you with an understanding of the uniformed public services sector where there will be chance to investigate career opportunities in the uniformed services and prepare for a recruitment interview. 
You will develop an understanding of the personal commitment and fitness requirements needed to be employed in a uniformed service role, as well as an understanding of the importance of health and hygiene for those in the uniformed services. There will be the opportunity to understand and develop the skills and qualities needed to work in a range of uniformed services e.g. teamwork, communication, problem solving, navigation and drill.
The objective of this qualification is to help inform and prepare potential recruits. It will enable you to prepare to make a recruitment application or provide a basis for further study and progression towards the entry qualification of a specific service.

Course content

You will study a variety of units throughout the year including:
Investigate employment in the uniformed services 
This unit will help you prepare for application to the uniformed services. You will learn about the different roles involved in uniformed services and how the uniformed services operate. You will be given the opportunity to assess you own career goals and refine your interview skills
Physical fitness for the uniformed services 
Within this unit you will learn about fitness testing used by a uniformed service and about the required standards of physical fitness. You will be given an opportunity to assess your own fitness against specific criteria and to develop and refine a personal programme of fitness training to help you achieve and maintain the levels of fitness necessary for admission to your chosen uniformed service. You will also consider how diet and exercise contribute to overall fitness.
Develop team working and problem solving skills
You will learn how to plan for team working and will become familiar with team dynamics and review and feedback techniques.
Developing self-discipline for the uniformed services 
This unit will allow you to explore issues of self-management and discipline in relation to participation within the uniformed services. You will learn the importance of discipline and the effects of a lack of discipline. You will become familiar with techniques for effective time management and understand its importance.
Health and Safety in the uniformed services 
In this unit issues related to health and safety will be explored. You will become familiar with methods for identifying and reducing hazards and risks. You will also gain knowledge of safe manual handling and the control of hazardous substances.
Carry out map reading and navigation 
You will become familiar with the main aspects of map reading and navigation. You will learn how to read different types of maps and how to apply these readings using practical navigational skills. You will learn how to use compasses, route maps and grid references and how to use these tools to undertake orientation exercises and how to walk on bearings. 
Undertake adventurous activities
In this unit you will learn about different types of adventurous outdoor activities. You will become familiar with the equipment and skills needed for participation in activities. You will gain an understanding of the environmental concerns related to each activity and will learn how to ensure your own personal safety while participating. You will become familiar with the legislation involved in adventurous outdoor activities and will learn the importance of safety procedures while undertaking such activities.

Entry requirements

4 x GCSE at grade E or above (or equivalent) including math and English. 
You should be physically and medically fit, enthusiastic and willing to work hard.  You will need to attend a selection day and interview at college.


You will be continually assessed through practical observation and written assessment. The qualification is graded between Pass, Merit and Distinction. Directed self-study will be required. 

A completed Portfolio of work will be handed in and assessed during and at the end of your course. You will also be assessed on the areas of punctuality, attendance and physical fitness. 

Future opportunities

Upon successful completion, you should be prepared for the Armed Forces entrance tests to join as a new recruit. 

If you also achieve the correct grades in English and maths then following a successful interview, you will be able to progress on to the Level 2 Diploma for Entry to the Uniformed Public Services. 

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Wiltshire College directly.

Last updated date: 24 June 2016

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