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Media Studies at Ysgol Llanhari

Course description

During the one/two-year course, students will be given the
opportunity to:
1. Demonstrate knowledge of media texts: genre conventions,
narrative, representation, and how audiences are targeted and
respond to texts in the 21st Century.
2. Investigate the ways in which media organisations create, sustain
and expand their markets and their audiences.
3. Research, plan, produce and evaluate original pieces of visual and
audio texts.
4. Analyse the ways in which different media organisations represent
the world.
5. Examine the development of media institutions, their practices and
6. Experiment with media technology to produce high-quality
production work.
7. Visit local media institutions such as the BBC, S4C and SONY to
expand on students' knowledge of such organisations, through
observation and practical exploration of modern technologies.

Course content

Advanced Subsidiary- Year 12:
MS1 - Written Examination: Media Representations and Responses -
2½ hour paper (25%)
Students will answer three questions in response to the following
1) Text 2) Representation and 3) Audience Responses.
MS2 - Written Coursework: Media Production Processes (25%)
Students will undertake their own practical project on a particular
media text (print/audio-visual) and will consequently produce three
pieces of coursework: pre-production, production and a project
Advanced Level- Year 13:
MS3 - Written Coursework: Media Investigation & Production (25%)
Students will undertake an independent investigative project into a
particular media text, focusing on one of the following: genre,
narrative or representation. For this unit, students will submit three
pieces of linked coursework: one research investigation, one
production piece and an evaluation of the project.

MS4 - Written Examination: Media- Text, Industry and Audience - 2½
hour paper (25%)
Students will respond to THREE different media industries studied
during the course and will answer one question in Section A and two
questions from Section B on the chosen texts. Their responses should
reflect critical analysis and thorough understanding of the media text,
industry and audience response to the text.

Entry requirements

See school offering the course.


MS1 - Externally assessed in January/June.
MS2 - Internally assessed and externally moderated in June.
MS3 - Internally assessed and externally moderated in June.
MS4 - Externally assessed in June.
50% - Coursework 50% - Written Examination

Future opportunities

As a result of following this course, you could increase your chances
of employment as the course helps develop social and key skills. A
good AS/Advanced grade will certainly prepare students who wish to
pursue a higher education course in this field or work within the
Media industry and education.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Ysgol Llanhari directly.

Last updated date: 31 July 2015
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September