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Further Mathematics A level at Wilberforce College

Course description

Further Maths is becoming more and more popular.  This is because universities are including it more and more in the ‘must have done’ requirements for certain courses.  If you are already thinking about doing a degree either in Maths, or in a subject where there will be a high mathematical content (such as Engineering, some Science degrees, etc) then you should be thinking about including Further Mathematics amongst your course choices.

The Further Maths course is structured, organised and taught in a very similar way to the Maths course at Wilberforce.

Course content


There are 3 modules that make up the AS Level Further Maths course.  The Decision 2 module is very much like the Decision 1 module in AS Level Maths: it looks at ‘business’ Maths problems which involve working through an algorithm in a methodical way to reach a solution.  The Mechanics 1 module involves the study of forces on objects, momentum of colliding objects, projectiles flying through the air, etc.  Finally the Further Pure 1 module involves algebra, imaginary numbers (the square root of negative 1?!?) and numerical methods for solving equations.


In the second year, there are three modules again: Statistics 2, Mechanics 3 and Further Pure 4.  The Statistics 2 and Mechanics 3 modules are very much like the Statistics 1 module on the second year Maths course and the Mechanics 1 module from the AS Level Further Maths course: the topics are just developed further.  In Further Pure 4, you will study matrices, determinants and transformations: working out how 3 dimensional objects can be changed in their appearance.

Entry requirements

Five A* - C grades in GCSE including a grade C in GCSE English Language. To study Further Mathematics you will need at least a B in GCSE Mathematics (but an A is preferred).


Each of the modules has a single exam where you will receive a score out of 100.  As with Maths, the total score out of 300 is then used to calculate your overall grade.

The big advantage of doing Further Maths is that scores on this course can be switched with scores from the Maths course to get the best possible grade combination to suit you!

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Wilberforce College directly.

Last updated date: 06 September 2016

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