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German A Level at Nelson and Colne College

Course description

This A Level course in German will enable you to enhance your linguistic skills and develop your capacity for critical thinking by studying the culture and society of the countries/communities where the language is spoken. You will extend your range of vocabulary and develop your ability to interact effectively with users of the language in speech and in writing. You will engage critically with intellectually stimulating texts, films and other materials in the original language. You will also develop as independent researchers through the language of study.

Course content

Component 1: Speaking
The aim of this component is to develop independent research skills through the completion of a project on an area of personal interest. This will broaden knowledge and appreciation of the countries or communities where German is spoken and will not be covered by the specification thus allowing for individuality. Students will also become adept at discussing issues ensuing from the topics covered in the syllabus.

Component 2: Listening, Reading and Translation
The aim of this component is to develop listening, reading comprehension and translation skills using stimulus materials in German based on the four themes under the two areas of interest. This will include:
Social issues and trends
• Being a young person in German-speaking society
• Diversity and difference

Political, intellectual and artistic culture
• Understanding the German-speaking world
• The making of modern Germany: 1989 onwards

Component 3: Critical and analytical response in writing
The aim of this component is to develop a detailed understanding of two works in German, either two books or one book and a film. Students will engage with stimulating works/films in German, developing an appreciation of sophisticated and creative uses of the language and understanding them within their cultural and social context.

Entry requirements

You will be expected to have two Bs and three Cs in five subject areas at GCSE, to include a minimum of a grade C in Maths and English Language as well as German at grade B or above.


Component 1: Speaking
Non-exam assessment 21-23 minutes
30% of qualification

Component 2: Listening, Reading and Translation
Written examination: 2 hours 30 minutes
50% of qualification

Component 3: Critical and analytical response in writing
Written examination: 2 hours
20% of qualification

Future opportunities

Did you know that people who study languages have some of the lowest unemployment rates in the country? In other words, people who can speak more than one language are in very high demand by employers! The possession of a second language often raises your basic salary considerably, making the study of a modern foreign language very profitable. Research suggests that over 90% of careers using languages are in non-linguistic professions.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Nelson and Colne College directly.

Last updated date: 19 April 2016
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