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Psychology AS & A Level at Hampstead School

Course description

What will I learn? Psychology is the study of people, behaviour and the mind. It has been classified as a science subject, and this is reflected in the A level curriculum. It is a broad subject, with many different areas and a number of different approaches towards explaining behaviour. Not all psychologists agree with each other! Psychologists observe human behaviour, create theories to explain the behaviour, and then carry out research to test these theories.

Since September 2015 the AQA Psychology A Level is linear. This has resulted in changes being made to the way that students will be examined. Students who wish to take the whole A Level in Psychology will be examined on year 12 content and year 13 content at the end of their second year of study. They will sit a total of three exams at the end of year 13. This is in line with wider changes to A Levels being implemented in the next few years. Both the AS and A Level qualification will have a maths component of at least 10%.

Course content

  • Relationships
  • Gender
  • Cognition & Development
  • Schizophrenia Eating behaviour
  • Stress
  • Aggression
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Addiction

Entry requirements

Grade C in a Social Science GCSE (Geography, History, Leisure and Tourism, Religious Studies)


  • Paper 1: Introductory topics in Psychology
    33.3% of A Level 96 marks in total 2 hour written exam
    This paper explores four topics of interest - social influence, memory, attachment and psychopathology.
  • Paper 2: Psychology in context
    33.3% of A Level 96 marks in total 2 hour written exam
    This paper looks at some of the main approaches within Psychology including the learning, cognitive, biological, psychodynamic and humanistic approach. Research methods and biopsychology are also explored
  • Paper 3: Issues and options in Psychology
    33.3% of A Level 96 marks in total 2 hour written exam
    For this paper you will need to know about issues and debates in Psychology such as the nature vs nurture debate and free will and determinism. Various forms of bias in research will be considered and you will study three option areas in Psychology in detail.

Further information

Study of Psychology at A Level offers you a unique academic experience as you will learn both scientific information such as the aims, procedures and findings of studies but you will also evaluate these theories critically and provide relevant evidence. As Psychology gives you an opportunity to learn, understand and evaluate issues happening around you in your everyday life, you can then apply these to the wider world.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Hampstead School directly.

Last updated date: 17 January 2017
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