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Further Mathematics A Level at Copleston High School

Course description

The course is divided into six equally weighted modules.
• In Year one, students study three modules, two core modules and one applied module. Core modules cover areas such as coordinate geometry, arithmetic sequences, series and calculus. Students are introduced to differentiation and integration in the first module.
• This is further explored in the second module where students find stationary points and the nature of these points using differentiation. They also use integration in the second module to find areas under a curve or between a curve and a line.
• The applied module offered to the students in Year one is Mechanics. Students study the motion of a particle either with no external forces or under the influence of external forces acting on it. Students also study the three laws of Newton and their effect on the motion of an object. They are introduced to the principle of conservation of momentum and moments, the turning effect.

In Year Two, students study a further three modules, two core and one applied module. The core modules cover areas such as algebraic fractions, exponential and log functions, transformation of graphs and trigonometric identities. Students are expected to carry their knowledge through from the first year into the second. Calculus is further explored where students are introduced to the chain rule,
product rule and quotient rule when differentiating. Integration is further explored with the reverse chain rule and various methods such as integration by parts, or by substitution. Students will also be able to use integration to find the volume of revolution of any solid. The applied module consists of Statistics within which students are introduced to the concept of mathematical modeling in probability and
statistics, dispersion, correlation, regression and normal distribution.

Entry requirements

4 AS levels – at least 5 grade Bs or equivalent in different GCSEs or other Level 2 courses. 3 AS levels – at least 5 grade Cs or equivalent in different GCSEs or other Level 2 courses. In addition, at least a grade B at GCSE Mathematics.


This course consists of 4 units as follows:

Unit 1: AS Coursework –20%
Unit 2: AS Exam (June) – 30%
Unit 3: A2 Coursework –20%
Unit 4: A2 Exam (June) – 30%

The coursework units are completed throughout the year From September to April. Theory topics are taught throughout the year in preparation for the summer examination.

Future opportunities

Further Mathematics A level is essential for students who wish to read a degree in Mathematics. Students intending to study Mathematics related subjects must seriously consider studying Further Mathematics to at least AS level. Further Mathematics AS level is usually considered the minimum requirement for students who wish to read a degree in mathematics. It will also be helpful and enhance UCAS (University) applications for engineering or any branch of engineering such as aeronautical, mechanical, or chemical, electrical, physical sciences or branch of sciences such as
earth sciences or sports science.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Copleston High School directly.

Last updated date: 06 October 2016
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