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Law A and AS Level at William Howard School

Course description

Laws are special kinds of rules by which we regulate our lives and our conduct and affect us all in our everyday lives. If you feel strongly about justice and fairness, this course will allow you to explore our laws and concepts such as morality, law and justice in detail.

The course examines the ways our laws are made and how the legal system works. We also look at how we punish people for crimes they commit, or use civil law to make them pay compensation for damage they have done.

At A2 level, we also look into how law promotes justice is our society, and how reflects – or sometimes does not – changing morals.

You should take this course if you are interested in seeing how we use law to regulate human conduct in a modern and fair society.

Studying Law will teach you transferable skills such as problemsolving and analysis which will prepare you well for university and/or work.

Course content

YEAR 12 

Unit 1: The Legal System

Civil courts and dispute resolution, criminal courts and lay people, legal profession and advice/funding, the judiciary, police powers

60% of AS / 30% of A2 Level. Externally assessed examination lasting 2 hours. 120 marks

Unit 2: Law Making

Parliamentary law making, delegated legislation, statutory interpretation judicial precedent

40% of AS / 20% of A2 Level. Externally assessed examination lasting 1 hour 30 min. 95 marks

YEAR 13 

Unit 3: Criminal Law (Offences against the person and property)

Murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, non-fatal offences, defences, theft, robbery and burglary, blackmail and fraud, making off without payment, criminal damage, defences

25% of A2 Level. Externally assessed examination.

Unit 4: Criminal Law (Special study)

25% of A2 Level. Externally assessed examination.


How will the course be assessed?

By externally set examinations. There is no coursework element. Modules are examined in June of each year.

Year 12 - 2 modules in Summer

Year 13 - 2 modules in Summer

Future opportunities

A Level Law is accepted by all universities and colleges as an entry qualification for Law and other degree subjects. Although you do not need A Level Law to enter a Law course at university, the A Level course will prepare you well for reading Law at university.

You may be thinking of a career as a solicitor or barrister, but Law at A level and university can lead to many other rewarding careers – a basic knowledge of law is useful for many jobs.

Law will also teach you useful skills relevant to any other course that involves reasoning and problem-solving.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact William Howard School directly.

Last updated date: 11 October 2016
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