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Psychology A Level at Brookfield Community School

Course description

People are fascinating. It's this fact that makes the study of psychology so appealing. Unravelling the complexities of the human mind can be a very rewarding experience, as you delve into the thoughts and behaviours that make us the complex individuals that we are. There's also an added bonus: a knowledge of how the mind works can prove invaluable in any career that relies on personal interaction or communication.

To be successful you should have a keen, inquiring mind and a willingness to keep abreast of current issues in the field. You will need to be ruthlessly organised in your work and time management - and homework assignments will need to be completed on time and to your very best ability.

Course content

Subject Links
Psychology A-Level has physiological aspects which pair well with Biology A-Level. In addition we will be looking at Social Influence and Independent Behaviour, both of which have links to Sociology A-Level. There is also some common ground with A-Level Physical Education, which touches on Sport Psychology. Finally, we cover aspects of Language Development and Acquisition in Psychology, which is also part of the English Language A-Level specification.

AS-level Psychology is primarily concerned with giving the student an introductory overview of several different strands of Psychology. Lessons will involve discussion, note-taking, group work and of course many light-hearted experiments. We’ll look at studies which have gone before, mainly quite famous ones which have paved the way to our current understanding. It is a fun and eye-opening course which has become very popular at Brookfield, but please note that in no way is it an ‘easy option’.

In the AS Year we cover the following 6 topics: Human Memory; Childhood Attachment; Psychological Experiments; Social Influence; Approaches in Psychology; Mental Illness & Psychopathology

In the A2 Year we will learn about: Forensic Psychology; Love & Relationships; Eating Behaviour; Schizophrenia; Stress; Biopsychology

Entry requirements

You will need at least a grade C in English Language at GCSE.


The AS-Level is taught in 2 units. Each unit is assessed by a 90-minute paper, both in June. These involve answering a number of multiple choice, short-response questions and a single longer question, for which you’ll be expected to show that you can present psychological theories and facts in a clear and wellstructured manner. The A-Level year is taught as 3 additional units but with slightly more focus on extended writing. Note that due to the new focus on linearity, the 3 A-Level exams in Y13 entail questions which cover the whole 2 years of study.

Future opportunities

An A-Level in Psychology can lead to university studies and a career in psychology, plus a wide variety of careers that involve personal interaction or communication, such as marketing, health care and personnel management. If you want to enter or progress in the workforce generally, you'll find your A-Level will demonstrate to employers that you have the ability to commit to learning, and have acquired good reasoning and analytical skills - essential in practically every walk of life.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Brookfield Community School directly.

Last updated date: 29 June 2015

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