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English Literature AS and A Level at Woodcote High School

Course description

The study of Literature is fascinating. It provides insights into the human condition and the influences which shape our lives. The process of studying literature develops a number of skills which have application in all areas. These include the ability to write effectively for a range of audiences and in a variety of styles, and the ability to make judgements based on textual evidence. Literature also helps to provide an understanding of how the use of language shapes meaning and how examples of values and attitudes in the texts are related to their social and historical contexts.

The course develops students’ ability to:

- Be articulate and creative, to make informed and relevant responses to literary texts, using appropriate terminology and concepts, and coherent, accurate written expression
- Demonstrate detailed critical understanding in analysing the ways in which structure, form and language shape meanings in literary texts
- Explore connections and comparisons between different literary texts, informed by interpretations of other readers
- Demonstrate understanding of the significance and influence of the contexts in which literary texts are written and received

Course content

As an AS Level only course, completed over one year, you will study a minimum of four texts from particular genres and periods:

- Two drama texts, one of which is a Shakespeare play. This is externally assessed. One and a half hour written paper (weighting on 50%). This exam is a closed book
- A prose text and poems from an anthology distributed by the exam board. One and a half hour written paper (weighting of 50%). This exam is open book

As an A Level course completed over two years, you will study a minimum of eight texts from particular genres and periods:

- One Shakespeare text, a second drama text and one further text of which one must be written pre 1900. Two and a half hour written paper (weighting 40%). This exam is open book
- One post 2000 prose text, one poetry and one further text, one of which must be written pre 1900. Three hour written paper (weighting 40%). This exam is open book
- One poetry and one prose text informed by the study of the Critical Anthology distributed by the exam board. A non-exam assessment through two essays each of 1250-1500 words (weighting 20%). This is assessed by your teachers

Future opportunities

English is an acceptable subject for entry to a large number of degree courses in the Arts and Social Sciences and is necessary in areas such as journalism and various forms of media and broadcasting studies. People who have studied English find jobs in many different fields. The skills and qualities of mind which the study of English promotes, equips people with characteristics and attributes which puts them in great demand in the job market.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Woodcote High School directly.

Last updated date: 14 October 2016
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