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Chemistry - GCE A Level at The Mirfield Free Grammar & Mirfield College

Course description

Chemistry is the study of the chemical composition, properties and behaviour of all matter. Chemistry is a fundamental science that is essential for those wishing to study any medical related degree. By studying A Level chemistry, students will develop the skills and investigative approaches needed for undergraduate study and future chosen career paths in science. This course equips students with the sought after practical skills that underpin the study of chemistry and that are essential to scientific investigation at university.

Students will develop their practical and investigative skills, as well as studying inorganic, organic and physical areas of chemistry. A practical endorsement is also made to universities based on student performance on various practical skills and competencies over the two years.





Course content

Physical Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Entry requirements

Grade 6 in GCSE Biology or 6,6 GCSE Combined Science, with Grade 6 or above in GCSE Mathematics and Grade 4 in GCSE English Language.

*Please note with government changes to GCSE grading system (9-1) we reserve the right to adjust subject entry requirements and to withdraw subjects which do not meet minimum numbers.

*All subject specific entry requirements are in addition to the General Entry Requirements


Three external examinations: 

Paper 1 = 35%       

Paper 2 = 35%   

Paper 3 = 30%

Financial information

16-19 Bursary Fund

This scheme was introduced by the Government to help students study. Contributions and payments ‘in kind’ have been made to students to help with their individual identified needs, such as:

   •   Travel

   •   Stationery costs and packs

   •   Books and revision guides

   •   Educational trips/residential trips

   •   University Open Day visit costs

   •   Employment/apprenticeship opportunities


Bursaries are available to students in the following categories:



Category One:

Students who are identified by the government at ‘most vulnerable’ will be eligible for a guaranteed bursary of £1,200.

Category Two:

Family income is below threshold for working tax credits/free school meals.

Category Three:

Students who have an extreme financial barrier, mitigating circumstances and/or a short-term specific educational or independent living cost.

Applications will be issued during Summer 2018 for students to return on Enrolment Day. 

For more information contact us on 01924 483666 or email


Future opportunities

Chemistry will help you get ahead in most STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) careers and more besides.

Chemistry is an important subject for careers in: medicine, environmental science, engineering, toxicology, developing consumer products, metallurgy (studying how metals behave), space exploration, developing perfumes and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, energy, teaching, science writing, software development and research.

Further information

Chemists conduct experiments to study how elements work in different conditions, test how they mix, and work out what they are made up of right down to the tiniest particle. The results can be ground breaking, colourful, explosive, or almost impossible to see. Chemists use their experiments and knowledge to develop medicines, foods, fabrics and other materials, from neon lights to shatterproof glass. They also use it to understand the world around us, from why leaves change colour to discovering invisible pollutants in the air. Chemistry will help in your study of other sciences and technical subjects including: maths, physics, biology, engineering, IT, psychology, geography and geology.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Mirfield Free Grammar & Mirfield College directly.

Last updated date: 26 September 2018
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