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Citizenship Short Course -GCSE at Stocksbridge High

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Do you like being an individual?
Do you have your own ideas and opinions?

Would you like the opportunity to make a difference in your school or local

Are you keen to make your own decisions
Citizenship GCSE focuses on the everyday issues that are important to you:
education, health care, money, the media, the environment, policing, crime and the law, welfare benefits, public transport, immigration and
Britain's relationship with other countries.

The Citizenship topics covered at GCSE are:
Real: they actually affect peoples lives.
Topical: they are current today and in the news.
Often Controversial: people disagree and hold strong opinions about them.

Sometimes Sensitive: they can affect people at a personal level.

Citizenship GCSE will benefit you by developing the skills that employers are looking for: critical thinking, debating and discussing, investigating issues and explaining your ideas and opinions. Citizenship develops self-confidence and helps you deal successfully with significant life changes and challenges.

Citizenship gives young people a voice in school, in the local areas, in our nation and the world. You can speak up for issues of justice, equality and freedom.

Citizenship enables you to make a positive contribution by understanding your responsibilities and preparing you for the opportunities ahead in your adult life.

Entry requirements



You will sit one exam paper. It is 1 hour 15 minutes long and counts for 60% of your final mark. Coursework is 40% of the Citizenship short course. For this you will become involved in a school or community based activity, collect evidence of what you have done and then evaluate your contribution to the project, as well as the views and experiences of others. A section in your written exam will also link to the activity you have completed for your coursework

Future opportunities

There are so many careers and training opportunities that are open to you once you have taken Citizenship GCSE.

A Levels: Government and politics, psychology, sociology, law, critical thinking, history, media studies, criminology.

Careers: Armed forces, media, legal professions, travel and tourism,
accountancy, a variety of jobs linked to environmental issues, politics,
journalism, police force.

How to apply

You can apply for this course through UCAS Progress. Add this course to your favourites so you can start making an application.

Last updated date: 02 October 2016
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