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Sociology A Level at The Queen Elizabeth's High School, Gainsborough

Course description

Sociologists are interested in patterns of behaviour that are learned. We are brought up to behave in certain ways by our parents, teachers and society as a whole. Sociologists are interested in contemporary society; what goes on within social groups, from the smallest, such as the family or friendship groups, through to large societies.

Sociologists ask questions that stretch and challenge the mind. Questions that make us cultivate an awareness of key issues, structures and processes in our 21st century world. Study sociology if you want an enhanced understanding of the world and a broader outlook on life. Discover how different groups think and behave via social research and gain the key skills of analysis and evaluation– if you like asking questions and are interested in social issues then sociology may be for you! If your study of Sociology gives a ‘different meaning to the cosy everyday world’ around you, it will have succeeded.

Sociology is a good choice for a range of students with different aims; those who want a subject to combine with other humanities A Level subjects, or those science specialists who want a contrasting subject to their other A Level choices in order to demonstrate a wider breadth of knowledge and skills.

Course content

Year 1
Units of study include: Families and Households: critical and positive views on diverse family types, why marriage is losing its appeal, domestic violence and issues surrounding migration to Britain. Education: The different levels of achievement of boys versus girls, how the process of teacher - pupil labelling works in school, rejection of educational value, gender and ethnic differences in education, the ‘successes’ and failures of various education systems. Integrated in both of these topics we will be examining and evaluating ways of carrying out Sociological Research.

Year 2
Units of study examine social, political, scientific and religious Beliefs in Society and also consider the following issues on Crime and Deviance: Do the media exaggerate violent crime? Why do people commit suicide? How should criminals be punished? How has globalisation affected drug trafficking, people trafficking, cybercrime and other crimes? Students will also revisit the families and households, education, theory and methods material studied in Year 1 and develop a deeper understanding of social research and sociological thought in readiness for the final exam. Assessment is via data response questions and essays.

Future opportunities

Sociology will improve your skills of research, analysis, evaluation and communication. Sociology graduates are found in strategic management positions in higher education and administration and also in the police force, media, business, advertising and marketing, personnel, the caring professions and social services. The knowledge and skills acquired in a sociology course can be of life long benefit and can be applied to any job which demands a good understanding of society.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Queen Elizabeth's High School, Gainsborough directly.

Last updated date: 03 March 2017

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