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Health & Social (Double) at The Burgate School and Sixth Fom centre

Course description

The double award is equal to two A Level qualifications and is an ideal choice for students with a clear focus on a future career in the health, education or social care sectors. Our students typically exceed their minimum target grades on these courses and most progress successfully into related higher educationcourses or employment.


Course content

At AS Level this course consists of six units, the first three being the same as the single award:

  • Promoting Quality Care, you will explore the attitudes, prejudices, rights and responsibilities of people who use and provide services, and learn about the values of care and the ways in which organisations promote quality care.
  • Communication in Care Settings, you will be required to carry out a work experience placement, study communication skills and theories and explore what supports and inhibits communication.
  • Promoting Good Health, you will investigate the principles of health and well-being and plan and carry out a health promotion campaign.

The additional Double Award units are:

  • Working in Early Years Care and Education, which covers the needs and requirements of younger children, the services that meet their needs and specific job roles and responsibilities associated with this age group;
  • Caring for Older People, covering the physical effects of ageing on body systems, the social, emotional and economic aspects of ageing, community care and support services for older people;
  • Health as a Lifestyle Choice, which requires you to research the positive effects of exercise and to design an exercise plan as a case  study.

At A2 Level this course consists of another six units, the first three, again, being the same as the single award:

  • Anatomy and Physiology, covering the function and dysfunction of different organ systems;
  • Care Practice and Provision, requiring you to research the planning and provision of care services in the local area and to work closely with doctors surgeries and other local providers to explore how practitioners meet individual needs and work in partnerships;
  • Understanding Human Behaviour, covering theories of human development and the factors that influence them.

The additional Double Award units are:

  • Mental Health, in which you will be given the opportunity to research concepts of mental health, types of mental illness and their causes, the effects of mental illness and the support that is available
  • Social Trends, covering the trends and changes to patterns of family life, changing roles within the family and the impact these have on the institutions and services that are central to our lives;
  • Child Development, which requires students to research the development and monitoring of children’s growth, the factors that  influence development, the norms of development and the role of play in child development. In this unit you will plan, produce and evaluate a learning aid or an activity for a child.

Entry requirements

  • GCSE Grade C in English.
  • You will also need to undertake a period of work experience within a health and social care setting for one day a week for six to eight weeks.

Future opportunities

This qualification provides an ideal platform for further training, higher education and employment in fields such as Nursing, Physiotherapy, Pharmacology, Child Care, Child Development, Social Care, Social Work, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Burgate School and Sixth Fom centre directly.

Last updated date: 17 March 2016

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