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History A Level *FEES PAYABLE* at Felsted School

Course description

History is a subject that satisfies and
stimulates the intellectual curiosity of
students. The subject is at its most
basic level about important ‘stories’
from our collective past, which are
interesting to look at for their own
History, with its emphasis on weighing
up the validity of different arguments,
extended writing and forthright,
reasoned debate, helps students to
develop the intellectual skills that they
will need at university and beyond.
It is the aspiration of the History
Department that by the end of the
A Level course, students will be fully
independent learners, able to read
undergraduate level texts with
confidence and to form their own
ideas and opinions, based on the
available evidence.
Encouraging evidence of how we are
developing independent learners is the
fact that over the last two years a
growing number of A Level Historians
have submitted scholarly and well
researched essays to competitions run
by Oxford and Cambridge colleges.

Course content

The chronological core of the new
A Level course runs from c1600 to the
mid-20th century and provides a rich
and fascinating canvas for students to
explore: ranging from Russian Tsars,
German Emperors and British prime
ministers to men like Oliver Cromwell.
The 17th century saw the first stirrings
of democratic ideas and religious
toleration in Britain and in many ways
it was the century that ‘made the
modern world’.
A century after the outbreak of World
War One, the great wars of the 20th
century, and what caused them, still
exert a powerful fascination, as shown
by the recent rush of high profile TV
documentaries and excellent works by
Margaret Macmillan, Chris Clark and
Max Hastings.

Entry requirements

To make a success of History A Level it
is the History Department’s
expectation that students have at least
a B grade in History at GCSE. It should
be noted that due to the nature of the
syllabus, which is totally different to its
GCSE counterpart, having done
History GCSE is not an absolute
prerequisite for entry onto the A Level


AS Level
Paper 1
Stuart Britain and the Crisis of
Monarchy 1603-49. 50%
Paper 2
International Relations and Global
Conflict 1890-1917. 50%
A Level
Paper 1
Stuart Britain and the Crisis of
Monarchy 1603-1702. 40%
Paper 2
International Relations and Global
Conflict 1890-1941. 40%
Personal Study
Historical Investigation on a topic of
a student’s own choosing. 20%
In addition, the A Level coursework
unit provides real flexibility for
students, allowing them to investigate


Future opportunities

History is still widely seen as an
academic ‘gold standard’ by
universities and employers. An A Level
in History is evidence that an
individual can assimilate information
and make judgements about it; weigh
up different points of view; and
express themselves in an articulate and
coherent way.
These are all intellectual qualities
which are highly prized in today’s job
market. The subject is certainly useful
in leading towards a variety of
professional careers, most obviously
the Law; for which the emphasis in
History on argument, evaluation of
textual material and the sifting of
evidence, forms an excellent
Beyond this, History graduates are to
be found in the upper reaches of
Business, the Civil Service and

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Felsted School directly.

Last updated date: 08 June 2015
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1 - 2 Years


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