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Further Mathematics A level at Midhurst-Rother College

Course description

Why study Further Mathematics?
Real world Maths is so much more complicated than what you have done so far, and even than a lot of what is contained in the ‘normal’ Maths A-level. Further Mathematicians will understand the concepts and applications that allow maths to model all situations and to form a basis for all scientific study.

Course content

The content of Further Maths extends the underpinning mathematical concepts, including imaginary numbers (you can square root a negative!), function terminology and manipulation, proving identities and theorems using logical approaches, simultaneous equations in 3D, matrix manipulation, graph transformations, polar coordinates and differential equations. These create ways to model the world around us and to analyse situations that arise.

The group will then choose two from the three areas of application of Maths:
Mechanics – building on the A-level specification, considering springs, circular motion, bouncing balls in collision, centres of mass

Statistics – probability distributions for discrete and continuous measures, and their use beyond mathematics

Discrete (or Decision) – Networks and network flows, Algorithms (the underpinning methods of computing), Linear programming, Critical path analysis, Game theory (not quite as fun as it sounds!), Binary operations and Group Theory.

Entry requirements

We would highly recommend any students considering Further Maths to be doing (normal) A-level Maths as well, and/or to have completed the AQA level 2 qualification in Further Maths.
Students need to have achieved at least a grade 8 and should really enjoy Maths!

Future opportunities

A-level Further Maths provides a good background for any Maths degree. It will also be looked on very favourably for Science degrees, engineering and architecture.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Midhurst-Rother College directly.

Last updated date: 11 October 2017

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