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History AS level at The Becket School

Course description

The study of history at this level builds on the skills developed at GCSE and develops them further.  The course is intended to stimulate interest in our British and non-British heritage as well as to seek an explanation for the causes and consequences of major events and developments.

History is about people, their ambitions, actions and responses to events. It is relevant to our lives as it has shaped the world we live in today. A knowledge of history allows students to see more clearly how present situations are rooted in the past and can often only be explained and understood in an historical context.

Course content

Breadth Study – The Tudors: England 1485-1547

(This unit is worth 50% of the AS qualification and assessed by a 1 hour 30 minute exam at the end of year 12.)

Depth Study – Revolution and dictatorship: Russia 1917-1929

(This unit is worth 50% of the AS qualification and assessed by a 1 hour 30 minute exam at the end of year 12.)

Entry requirements

Entry requirement is a Grade B in History at GCSE level. We do accept students who have not studied History at GCSE. We would expect such students to have a Grade B in a similar subject.

Future opportunities

Many A level history students go on to Higher Education – either to study history to degree level or to study a related subject such as law. Top universities, in all subject areas, like students who have undergone the academic training provided by A level History. At a career level, history is a most useful subject for professions such as law, broadcasting, journalism, publishing, teaching, banking, commerce and industry. These are just examples but they demonstrate just how transferable are the key skills of history. It enables the student to do much more than be able to explain the past.

Further information


Apart from being extremely enjoyable and enabling students to learn about the past, history also offers the opportunity to acquire and improve on many of the skills which will prepare students for Higher Education and employment.

Amongst the skills which you will have the opportunity to develop while studying history are: your ability to communicate – both spoken and written, your skills of reasoning, deduction, and of organising and evaluating information and you will also develop your ability to work effectively with others. History places particular stress on the development of independent thought and analytical skills and as a result of having to share and defend your opinions in class discussion, you will find yourself with many chances to develop your own self-confidence.

Without doubt, the skills developed through the study of A level history are transferable to other fields of study as well as the world of work.  Analytical skills, the ability to evaluate sources, to select and deploy a wide range of materials and information, to sustain an argument and reach supported and logical conclusions – these are skills required beyond the history room.

Pastoral Support

History teachers at the Becket are all experienced A level teachers.  There can be few problems we have not encountered before or do not understand.  Our support is always on offer and we expect to be treated by students as an important resource at all times.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Becket School directly.

Last updated date: 07 October 2016

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