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History AS/A2 at Trinity School

Course description

This course will appeal to those who enjoy reading and discovering new information. You will also need to enjoy writing as A Level History is examined through traditional essays, document papers and through coursework. It will appeal especially to those with enquiring and critical minds.

Course content

Year 1 (Year 12) - Unit 1: British Government in the Age of Revolution 1783-1832 and Enquiry Topic Peel and the Age of Reform 1832-185.

Course Outline: Pitt the Younger, Lord Liverpool and the Tories, Foreign Policy 1783-1830, Parliamentary Reform and the Great Reform Act 1832. Enquiry Topics Peel and the Conservative Party 1832-1846; Peel and Social Reform; Peel and Pressure Groups


Unit 2: European and World Study From Autocracy to Communism: Russia 1894–1941

Course Outline: Nicholas II 1894-1905, Russia 1905–1914, The Revolutions of 1917 Lenin, Stalin and his growth of power, Stalin’s Economic Policies.


Year 2 (Year 13) - Unit 3: Historical Themes - Civil Rights in the USA 1865-1992

This theme focuses on the struggle ofcitizens in the United States to gain equality beforet he law, without regard to ethnic origin, gender or wealth.

Candidates should understand the factors which encouraged and discouraged change during this period, African Americans, Trade Union & Labour Rights, Native Americans, Women.

Coursework: Comprises of one piece of extended writing of 3000 to 4000 words. It is an Investigation into a topic of the student’s own choice as long as they do not choose topics which they have already studied at AS or which they are studying for the Themes Unit. This will involve the analysis and evaluation of a number of sources and interpretations as the student explores a key historical debate.

Entry requirements

GCSE History at Grade B and above. GCSE English at Grade B and above


Year 1 - Unit 1 comprises of a 1 hour 30 minutes exam. The AS Paper has 3 Sources and 2 essay question (10 and 20 marks); then choice of 2 questions (20 marks) and is worth 50% of total AS level or 25% of total A Level.

Unit 2 comprises of a 1 hour 30 minutes exam. The As paper has a choice of 1 out of 2 questions (30 marks); short interpretation and question of its strengths and weaknesses (20 marks) and is worth 50% of total AS level or 15% of total A Level.

Year 2 - Unit 1 is examined in 1 hour 30 minutes with 4 sources and a choice of essay question. This is worth 25%. Unit 2 is also examined in 1 hour 30 minutes by essay and is worth 15%. Units 3 is a 2 and a half hour exam which includes 2 passages to compare interpretations, and a choice of essay questions.

This exam accounts for 40% of the whole A Level.

Future opportunities

History is a well-respected traditional subject which leads into a variety of careers including journalism, law, management, and teaching as well as areas involving History directly such as museums, library and archive work and archaeology.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Trinity School directly.

Last updated date: 03 November 2016
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