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Food Science and Nutrition WJEC Level 3 at Cleeve School

Course description

Unit 1 will enable the learner to demonstrate an understanding of the science
of food safety, nutrition and nutritional needs in a wide range of contexts, and
through on–going practical sessions, to gain practical skills to produce quality
food items to meet the needs of individuals.

Unit 2 allows learners to develop their understanding of the science of
food safety and hygiene; essential knowledge for anyone involved in food
production in the home or wishing to work in the food industry. Again practical
sessions will support the gaining of theoretical knowledge and ensure learning
is a tactile experience.

Studying one of the two optional units allows learners the opportunity to
study subjects of particular interest or relevance to them, building on previous
learning and experiences.

Course content

Units in A Level
Unit 1: Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Specific
Unit 2: Ensuring Food is Safe to Eat
Unit 3: Experimenting to Solve Food Production
Unit 4: Current Issues in Food Science and Nutrition


A combination of a written exam and external assignment set and marked by WJEC and two centre marked assignments.

Future opportunities

An understanding of food science and nutrition is relevant to many industries
and job roles.
• Care providers and nutritionists in hospitals use this knowledge, as do sports coaches and fitness instructors.
• Hotels and restaurants, food manufacturers and government agencies also use this understanding to develop menus, food products and policies that support healthy eating initiatives.
• Many employment opportunities within the field of food science and nutrition are available to graduates.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Cleeve School directly.

Last updated date: 02 November 2017
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