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Media AS A2 at Wrenn Academy

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Ever wanted to direct your own movie, create and act in an ad, run your own radio station, create your own website or produce your own magazine?  This is the subject that can let you do all that and more! What Will I Study?In Media Studies, you get first hand experience of some of the production techniques that are used in the media in the real world.  But before you do, learn about all of the processes and ideas that lead to the finished product so that your experience of the media is as close as possible to the real thing.Did you know that studies show we are exposed to over 400 separate pieces of advertising every day of our lives?In the first unit (where you learn about the key concepts behind the media, applying them to practical texts like magazines, films and newspapers) you will learn how to stop just being a consumer of the media that bombards you every day and to become an expert media critic.  You will learn about the language of the media, you will find out how things you’ve taken for granted (like films and advertising) have, in fact, been manipulating you and the economic factors which motivate every producer in the media industry.  This all forms an ideal basis to later units (such as learning about the film industry and shooting a sequence of you own or advert).  You’ll even get the chance to undertake your own research project on an area of the media which you choose.  And there are loads more!The course is organised into modules over the two years.  These are:ASReading the MediaTextual Topics in Contemporary MediaPractical ProductionA2 (A level)Texts and Contexts in the MediaIndependent StudyComparative Critical AnalysisHow Will I Study?Though there is a lot that is exciting and fun in Media Studies, it is a subject that requires serious academic study as well.  Before you get to filming and other practical work, you will have worked on understanding how institutions, ideologies, representations, narratives and semiotics inform and drive the industry’s productions.  This will involve a lot of work in class, learning theory and then applying it to texts, but it will also involve a great deal of your own research.You’ll need to immerse yourself in the world of the media for two years, watching films, keeping track of TV (at last, a reason to watch soap operas!), taking lots of different magazines, reading newspapers, listening to radio programmes, reading text books and using the internet to get up to date information on everything to do with media.  The list goes on!  It is a busy two years.  You’ll be expected to produce your own research, give presentations, film on location in your own time and prepare very thoroughly for lessons.  You need to keep up to date as well because you’ll be expected to use examples in your exam answers from your own research, and nothing that is older than two years!  It’s hard work, but it’s fascinating!So, Why Should I Choose Media?·        Because it mixes practical work with theory.·        Because it really is fun.·        Because it teaches you analytical and presentational skills which transfer to your other studies.·        Because it is a new and rapidly growing subject.·        Because it fits very well with a range of subjects, either as a contrast or as a complement to things like Art, English Language or Literature, Humanities, Psychology.·        Because we spend our entire lives living through the media, and this prepares you to do so as an expert rather than just a consumer.

Entry requirements

Do I need GCSE Media Studies to do A Level?No!  Of course, if you have got it, it will be immensely useful, but we always have a number of students for whom the A Level is their first experience of Media Studies, and they’ve all enjoyed it and done very well.  You need to be entered for higher tier in English GCSE and we look for a grade B in English or GCSE Media Studies.

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If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Wrenn Academy directly.

Last updated date: 26 May 2015
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