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Russian A level at Woodbridge High School

Course description

Russian at AS and A Level is suitable for students who are interested in languages and who enjoy learning about other cultures and ways of life. This course would suit you if you enjoyed Russian and History at GCSE. The Edexcel Russian A level course will help you to develop your general transferable skills, but most of all you will learn how to communicate in higher level Russian. You will also gain a deeper insight into Russian history, culture and society.

Course content

Reading: You will learn to read, understand and extract information from written passages that are taken from authentic sources, such as newspapers and magazines, reports or books.

Listening: You will be able to listen to and understand contemporary spoken language and answer questions on what you have heard. These will be taken from a range of sources such as news reports on radio or TV.

Writing: You will learn to write essays and complete task-based assignments. You will learn the appropriate grammar to present information, provide opinions, organise arguments and analyse your ideas.

Speaking: You will learn to use the language to communicate your ideas effectively in discussion, argument and debate.

You will be taught by two teachers – one of these will lead the grammar and speaking aspects of the course and the other will lead the reading, listening and writing aspects through the study of contemporary topics such as Family, Youth Concerns, Education, Business and Industry, Environment, Politics and Leisure and the Arts.

Entry requirements

Grade B in GCSE Russian.


Unit 1 – Spoken Expression and Response in Russian – 10 minutes, 30% of AS marks
In this unit, you will have to respond to a stimulus on a topic chosen by you beforehand. You will answer questions in Russian put to you by the teacher examiner and then engage in a discussion moving away from the stimulus.

Unit 2 – Understanding and Written Response in Russian – 2½ hours, 70% of AS marks
This unit has 3 sections – listening, reading and writing. For the listening and reading, you will complete a range of exercises based on stimulus material. For the writing, you will write 150 -165 words in Russian based on a stimulus.

Unit 3 – Understanding and Spoken Response in Russian – 13 minutes, 35% of A Level marks
In this unit, you will choose a stance on a topic which you will defend in the exam and then discuss a further 2 topics.

Unit 4 –Research, Understanding and Written Response in Russian – 2½ hours, 65% of A Level
This unit has 3 sections – translation from English to Russian, a discursive or creative essay in response to questions on the paper and a prepared research-based essay of 180-200 words.

Future opportunities

This course is particularly suitable for students wishing to continue with Russian language or cultural studies at university. For those applying to university to study any subject, a foreign language, and especially Russian, makes you stand out from the crowd. Any admissions tutor would look at a candidate with Russian AS or A Level with interest. Students interested in pursuing a career in journalism, politics, travel and tourism, or the media will also find Russian an advantage. Similarly, if you are interested in the business world, language skills are more in demand now than ever and Russian is in demand by UK businesses because of expanding markets in Russia.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Woodbridge High School directly.

Last updated date: 06 September 2016
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