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Religious Studies at The King Edmund School

Course description

A Level Religious Studies will provide you with the opportunity to investigate and have your say about some of the most highly-debated issues in the world today. It engenders critical thinking and rigour in the search for truths in uncertain fields. It encourages philosophical thought, decision-making skills, collaboration and independent working skills and the search for compromise and finding resolutions that work. It creates opportunities for young people to develop their skills of dialogue, interpretation and analysis in a coherent context.

Course content

The first year course involves studying two modules: ‘Philosophy of Religion’ and ‘Religious Ethics’. You will have the opportunity to discuss and analyse a range of key questions: ‘Can we prove the existence of God?’ ‘Was the world created or did it evolve?’ ‘Is there life after death?’ ‘How do I decide what is right and wrong?’ ‘Can cloning or IVF ever be a good thing?’.


There will be four examinations in total. Two examinations will take place at the end of each year, lasting one and a half hours each. These examinations will assess knowledge, understanding and an ability to fully analyse an argument. There is no coursework or controlled assessment.

Future opportunities

You do not have to want to be a vicar to take religious studies. This course will encourage you to develop the critical and evaluative skills which will enable you to progress to higher education to study a wide range of courses. A qualification in this subject is valuable in teaching, journalism, medicine, law and any other area where you come across people and their ideas.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The King Edmund School directly.

Last updated date: 25 August 2016

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