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Law AS and A level at Frome Community College

Course description

Why do we have laws? Who decides what our laws are? Is the law always fair? What is a crime? Why is some behaviour criminal? Does our justice system treat people fairly? These are the sorts of questions you will consider in A Level Law: a fascinating subject which will give you an understanding of how law is created, how our legal system works and of criminal law.

Course content

Year 12 (AS)

Terms 1 and 2

Sources of Law

This unit is about how laws are made. We will consider:

   •  Parliament

•  Judicial precedent (laws made by judges)

•  Statutory interpretation (how judges interpret acts of Parliament)

•  Delegated legislation (including bylaws made by councils)

•  Law reform.

Terms 3 and 4

English Legal System

This unit is about how the legal system works and the main actors within it. Topics include:

•  Police powers

•  The criminal justice system

•  Sentencing

•  Magistrates and juries

•  Solicitors and barristers

•  The civil justice system

•  ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).

Terms 5 and 6

Revision and Exams


Year 13 (A2)

Terms 1, 2 and 3

Criminal Law

Topics covered include: principles of criminal liability, murder, manslaughter, non-fatal offences against the person (from assault and battery to grievous bodily harm with intent), offences against property (theft, robbery) and  defences such as insanity, duress and necessity.

Term 4

Criminal Law Special Study

An in-depth study of a controversial area of law. For 2015/16 the topic is the defence of consent.

Terms 5 and 6

Revision and exams

Entry requirements

5 GCSE grades A* - C including English and/or maths and grade B in GCSE English or history

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Frome Community College directly.

Last updated date: 05 September 2016

Key information

  • Start date: Next September