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Media Studies A level at Shoreham Academy

Course description

The course sets out to:

  • Develop your practical / production skills
  • Develop your creativity
  • Develop your understanding of the media and media industries
  • Develop independent working and thinking
  • Develop critical and analytical skills
  • Develop your research skills
  • Develop your communication skills: verbal, written and media-based

Course content

AS Subject Content

Unit 1 (MS1)

Media Representations and Responses You will study representation, audiences and visual analysis in a range of media examples from TV, film and print media.

Unit 2 (MS2)

Media Production Processes (Practical Production). Three components: one individual pre-production; one production which develops from the preproduction—either Print (Individual) or Video (Group); and one individual written Production Report on the production process.

A2 Subject Content

Unit 3 (MS3)

Media Investigation and Production; Content Summary. Three components: a written Research Investigation into two media texts chosen by you (45 marks); a media Production of your choice (45 marks); and a written Evaluation of how the production is informed by the investigative research (10 marks).

Unit 4 (MS4)

Media—Text, Industry and Audience; Content Summary. You will study nine media texts (three films, three TV shows, three magazines) in depth during the year, about which you will answer three questions in the written exam. You will look at Textual Issues, Industry Issues and Audience Issues for each text.


Entry requirements

Grade B or above in GCSE Media Studies (Grade C at GCSE Media by individual negotiation), or a genuine interest in the world of media and at least Grade C in English (again by negotiation).


AS Unit 1 (MS1)

Written Exam: 2 hrs 30 mins in May. Three questions are set in the exam, including analysis of unseen video or print material. (50% of your AS mark, 25% of your total A-Level mark)

AS Unit 2 (MS2)

Coursework: individual pre-production (20 marks); production (40 marks); individual Production Report (40 marks). (50% of your AS mark, 25% of your total A-Level mark)

A2 Unit 3 (MS3)

Coursework: written Research Investigation (45 marks); a media Production (45 marks); written Evaluation (10 marks). (50% of your AS mark, 25% of your total A-Level mark)

A2 Unit 4 (MS4)

Written Exam: 2 hrs 30 mins in June. You answer three questions out of six (30 marks per question) based on nine media texts (films, TV shows, magazines) you study during the year. (50% of your AS mark, 25% of your total A-Level mark)

Future opportunities

Many A-Level Media students have gone on to take Media Production courses at University (e.g. Brighton, Southampton Solent, Bournemouth) or other mediarelated courses (e.g. Events Management, Advertising, Journalism). Media Studies A-Level helps to develop a wide range of transferable skills (see information - right) applicable to many Higher Education courses and careers.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Shoreham Academy directly.

Last updated date: 20 September 2016
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