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Religious Studies at Saint John Bosco College

Course description

A Level RE

Course content

· What does the word “good” actually mean?

· Do you need to believe in God to be good?

Facing the challenge of today’s world

Relating ethics and the New Testament to a world focused on science and equality.

· Is the media right to promote sex before marriage?

· Does science prove or disprove the Bible?

Historical  studies

Studying the history of ethics from the times of the ancient Greeks, and the historical background and context of St. John’s Gospel.

· What are the secret Gospels that didn’t make it into the Bible?

· Is the Da Vinci Code correct?

Textual analysis

Close analysis of key philosophical texts and St. John’s Gospel, learning some of the ancient Greek in which it was written.

· Why is the word λογος so important in St. John’s Gospel?

· How did the Gospels come to be written?

· Why does Nietzsche disagree with Christian morality in his book “The Anti-Christ”?


Entry requirements

Entry Requirements: 5 GCSE’s grade C or above, including GCSE Religious Studies and English

Course Duration: AS 1 year/A2 1 year



                      AS             A2              Full A Level

Unit 1           50%                                    25%

Unit 2           50%                                    25%

Unit 3                            50%                   25%

Unit 4                            50%                   25%


Religious Studies A Level uses a broad range 

Course details: There are two areas of study at AS and A2 -  Ethics and New Testament. The full course is structured into four parts:

AS Unit 1:Foundations - a study of key ideas and problems with a 1hr 45 min external examination on three questions.

AS Unit 2: Investigations - independent study of modern issues focused on students’ own interests with a 1hr 15 min external examination on one question. 

A2 Unit 3: Developments - a more in-depth study of key ideas and problems introduced in Foundations with a 1hr 45 min external examination on three questions.

A2 Unit 4: Implications - a detailed evaluation of the consequences and effects of holding religious beliefs with a 1hr 15 min external examination based upon a set text chosen by the exam board.

Course approaches:

Philosophical analysis

Analysis of ideas and language concerning ethics and morality.


Future opportunities

Higher Education & Careers

of transferable skills that are recognised by universities and employers of being great value, such as critical thinking, textual analysis, group work, problem solving, independent research, and synthesising and interpreting information. Through Religious Studies, students are given the tools to argue their own point of view effectively and question hidden assumptions in the ideas of others. RS combines well with other humanities A Levels, 

Further information

provides a broader curriculum if studied alongside the sciences or Mathematics.


Religious Studies, more than any other subject, engages the student in the fundamentals of human existence, seeking to answer such questions as:

· How should we act?

· Can we base our life upon the Bible’s teachings?

Religious Studies at SJBC is very successful, with some excellent teachers who have produced good results at A Level as well as GCSE. The department is very well-resourced, and a creative curriculum allows students to develop their other talents and interests within the subject, whether that is Art, Literature, Science or Languages. Educational experiences at home and abroad are also planned,


How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Saint John Bosco College directly.

Last updated date: 20 May 2014
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  • Start date: Next September