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Chemistry A level at Boroughbridge High School

Course description

Chemistry has got that 'wow' factor.  Everyone can remember the excitement of lighting a bunsen burner for the first time, making hydrogen produce a squeaky pop, seeing potassium burst into flames when it was thrown into water, watching in awe as methane bubbles are ignited on the teacher's hands and hearing a jelly belly scream when it falls into molten potassium chlorate.

We are all made up chemicals.  Chemicals are everywhere around us - we simply can't get away from them!  Understanding Chemistry is vital to our wellbeing, enjoyment of life and ultimately the survival of the human race.

Through A level Chemistry students will learn about how the elements were created and how an understanding of the structure of the atom helps us to identify the elements across the universe.  The Chemical Industry provides all of us with important products and materials from fuels to polymers and metals to medicines.  We need chemists to help us understand how to extract useful materials from our planet's resources and to understand key environmental issues like global warming and ozone depletion.  We need chemists to create the dyes we use in fashion, the cosmetics that make us look good and new materials which are lighter, stronger and can do amazing things.

At Boroughbridge High you will learn about chemistry by relating it to the important developments that chemists are involved in, use your new knowledge to make sense of real life experiences and to understand contemporary issues so that you can make informed judgments and present a reasoned argument.  You will experience a wide range of learning activities including group work,presentations, practical activities and individual research.  There is a strong emphasis on using ICT to support learning throughout the course.

Chemistry is often seen as the 'central science'.  There are common areas of study with biology, for example proteins, DNA and medicines whilst topics on atomic structure, radioactivity and spectroscopy complement the work of those students studying physics.

Future opportunities

As well as going on to study chemistry at degree level, an A level in chemistry is valuable, often essential, if you want to study other sciences or related subjects such as medicine, pharmacy, vererinary science or chemical engineering.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Boroughbridge High School directly.

Last updated date: 17 August 2016
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