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Geography A Level at Melksham Oak Community School

Course description

Geography is a truly integrating subject, and can lead to a very wide range of university courses and careers as it combines with the sciences, social sciences, business and the arts. Geography students go on work as Environmental managers, lawyers, teachers, oceanographers, journalists, in marketing and PR, leisure related industries, environmental work, and indeed many other professions.

It is a highly respected qualification thatwhich is acceptable, in combination with other subjects, for almost all degree level courses.

Course content

AS Level

AS Geography covers both human and physical geography and focuses on the interaction between people and their environment, the identification of conflicts and how they can be managed. The human unit covers Global Population Changeand Health Issues. The physical units cover Rivers and Coastal Environments and their management.

A Level 

Again, both human and physical topics are covered. Studies of Natural Hazards and Weather and Climate make up the physical component. Studies of Local and Global Conflicts and a study of issues faced in Major World Cities makes up the human component.


We are committed to offering students the opportunity to take part in field visits where they can see the concepts and ideas studied in class in the real world. This consolidates and enhances understanding developed in class. In both year 12 and 13, a field visit forms the basis of a geographical skills and fieldwork related examination paper.


AS Level (both examinations taken in June) Geog 1 Physical and Human Geography

2 hour examination 70% of AS Level (35% of A Level)

Structured short and extended questions

Geog 2 Geographical Skills

1 hour examination 30% of AS Level (15% of A Level)

Structured skills and generic fieldwork questions


A2 (both examinations taken in June) Geog 3 Contemporary Geographical Issues

2 ½ hour examination 30% of A Level

Structured short and extended questions, plus an essay question

Geog 4A Geographical Fieldwork Investigation

1 ½ hour examination 20% of A Level

Structured short and extended questions based on candidates’ fieldwork investigation and fieldwork skills.


How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Melksham Oak Community School directly.

Last updated date: 11 June 2015

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