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A Level Physics at Great Baddow High School

Course description

A Level Physics has been developed for candidates who wish to continue with a study of physics after GCSE. The course is suitable for students who may wish to continue with a physics or engineering based subject in further or higher education, including university degrees and higher level apprenticeships.

Course content

Core Practicals: There are 16 core practicals to be conducted throughout the course.

Year 12
Core Practical 1
Determine the acceleration of a free-falling object
Core Practical 2
Determine the electrical resistivity of a material
Core Practical 3
Determine the e.m.f. and internal resistance of an electrical cell
Core Practical 4
Use a falling-ball method to determine the viscosity of a liquid
Core Practical 5
Determine the Young modulus of a material
Core Practical 6
Determine the speed of sound in air using 2-beam oscilloscope, signal generator, speaker and microphone.
Core Practical 7
Investigate the effects of length, tension and mass per unit length on the frequency of a vibrating string or wire
Core practical 8
Determine the wavelength of light from a laser or other light source using a diffraction grating
Year 13
Core Practical 9
Investigate the relationship between the force exerted on an object and its change of momentum
Core Practical 10
Use ICT to analyse collisions between small spheres, e.g. ball bearings on a table top.
Core Practical 11
Use an oscilloscope or data logger to display and analyse the potential difference (p.d.) across a capacitor as it charges and discharges through a resistor
Core Practical 12
Calibrate a thermistor in a potential divider circuit as a thermostat
Core Practical 13
Determine the specific latent heat of a phase change.
Core Practical 14
Investigate the relationship between pressure and volume of a gas at fixed temperature.
Core Practical 15
Investigate the absorption of gamma radiation by lead.
Core Practical 16
Determine the value of an unknown mass using the resonant frequencies of the oscillation of known masses.


How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Great Baddow High School directly.

Last updated date: 30 April 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 2 Years