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Further Mathematics at Charnwood College

Course description

Why should you consider taking this course?

Further Mathematics is for those students who wish to extend their study of Mathematics. The topics covered in Further Mathematics are more sophisticated and conceptually advanced compared to A Level Mathematics. The course is taken alongside Mathematics and suits those who have enjoyed and excelled at GCSE Mathematics.

Further mathematics is not just for those who want to go on and study mathematics at university. An increasing range of university courses value further maths and use it to differentiate between applicants with similar A-Level profiles. It is particularly useful to those that think they might wish to do a degree in Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Natural Sciences or Economics, or possibly a training programme in the business and financial sectors.

Course content

What is covered at AS? *
FP1: Pure Mathematics
D1: Decision Mathematics
M1: Mechanics
The pure mathematics element extends and complements the material covered in core AS mathematics.

Decision mathematics has its applications in computing and business studies, and it is the study of the way in which problems may be modelled mathematically in order to be solved using computers of business applications.

Mechanics is the study of forces and the movement of objects and has many applications in the sciences, particularly physics and engineering.

What is covered at A2? *
FP2: Pure Mathematics
D2: Decision Mathematics
M2: Mechanics
The Pure Mathematics element to this year extends what has already been taught during year 1 to a standard that can be considered first year degree level mathematics.

In Decision Mathematics, further methods are studied that allow complex allocation and optimisation problems in business and commercial settings to be solved.

Mechanics involves extending the work on forces and displacement, velocity and acceleration, to include more complicated physical systems.

Entry requirements

You need to achieve at least a Grade A in GCSE Mathematics to start the course. It is essential that you are an organised person, prepared to work hard in a subject that demands a lot of concentration and practise, both in and out of the classroom.

You will need high level skills in applying mathematical concepts to real-life situations. We strongly recommend that you also purchase a graphics calculator for this course


How will you be assessed?

All units are assessed by equally weighted final exams, with continuous internal assessments throughout the course.

Future opportunities

What careers could this course help prepare you for?

The world is becoming increasingly mathematical.

This course can provide access to a wide variety of employment and higher education opportunities, including Game Design, Internet Security, Programming, Communications, Aircraft Modelling, Fluid Flows, Acoustic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Quantum Physics, Astronomy and DNA Sequencing. In addition, Maths is highly regarded by employers as an indicator of a logical and analytical mind, and someone who is resilient and a good problem solver.

Many established universities now require A Level Further Mathematics as part of their offer for Mathematical and Science-based courses. 60% of those studying A-Level Further Mathematics go on to study maths to degree level.

Further information

For further information contact: Miss Jackson

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Charnwood College directly.

Last updated date: 01 December 2016

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1 year