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Economics AS & A Level at John Leggott Sixth Form College

Course description

Economics A enables students to use economic models to help them understand the complexities of the world around them. Students also use data to help them analyse markets and economies, and how governments try to influence both.

Economics B enables students to use real-world business contexts to help them understand the complexities of the world around them. They also use economic theory to explain events and develop an understanding of the strategies employed by businesses in responding to these events.

Course content

Economics A

Theme 1:

  • The nature of economics
  • How markets work
  • Market failure
  • Government intervention

Theme 2:

  • Measures of economic performance
  • Aggregate demand and supply
  • National income and economic growth
  • Macroeconomic objectives and policy

Theme 3:

  • Business growth and objectives
  • Revenues, costs & profits
  • Market structures
  • The labour market

Theme 4:

  • International economics
  • Poverty and inequality
  • Emerging and developing economies
  • The financial sector

Economics B

Theme 1:

  • Scarcity, choice and potential conflicts
  • Enterprise, business and the economy
  • Sources and methods of finance
  • Revenues, costs, profits and cash

Theme 2: 

  • Business growth and competitive advantage
  • Marketing and elasticities of demand
  • Increasing business efficiency
  • Life in a global economy

Theme 3:

  • Globalisation and global marketing
  • Business expansion
  • Global labour markets
  • Inequality and redistribution 

Theme 4:

  • Competition and market power
  • Market failure in business and the economy 
  • Macroeconomic policy impact on business
  • Risk and the financial sector

Entry requirements

GCSE English and Maths at grade C or above.

Economics A: GCSE Average 5.7 or above.

Economics B: GCSE Average 5.2 or above.


AS Economics (One Year):

  • Paper 1                   
    1½ hour exam (80 marks)                        
    50% AS weighting   
    0% A-level weighting
  • Paper 2                   
    1½ hour exam (80 marks)                        
    50% AS weighting  
    0% A-level weighting

A-Level Economics (2-Year programme):

  • Paper 1                   
    2 hour exam (100 marks)                        
    35% A-level weighting

  • Paper 2                   
    2 hour exam (100 marks)                        
    35% A-level weighting

  • Paper 3                   
    2 hour exam (100 marks)                        
    30% A-level weighting

Future opportunities

Most students studying economics use it as a base into Higher Education and careers in finance, local and central government, business, science, education and the media.

Further information

You could become a member of the Economics Society, the Debating Society, enter the Bank of England Target 2.0 economics competition or consider the Student Investor enrichment activity.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact John Leggott Sixth Form College directly.

Last updated date: 22 September 2016

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