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History A Level at Adeyfield School

Course description

History A Level helps to build on the skills learned at GCSE, and to take the study of history into far greater depth and analysis. It provides students with the opportunity to develop their interest and enthusiasm for history by developing an understanding of different social, cultural and political events and the impact they have had on the past. Students also develop the ability to become effective and independent learners with curious and enquiring minds.

History is one of the key ‘Facilitating’ subjects highly valued by Universities and employers and so looks good on any application or CV. While there is the obvious route into Teaching or becoming a professional Historian, most history graduates actually move into the world of Journalism, Accountancy, Banking, Management, Public Services and the Social, community and Charity industries. It would be fair to say History can open the door to many potential careers.

Course content

  • Paper 1: Britain, 1625-1701: Conflict, revolution & settlement (Exam 2 hrs 15 mins (30% A Level, 60% AS Level) 1625-1701 is a time in British History that is unparalleled. This period is particularly famous for the English Civil War, a time when families tore themselves apart over support of the King, or Parliament. The events of this period saw a decisive shift in the balance of power between crown and parliament and the contrasting rule of King and Cromwell will be studied. This is a key period in the development of modern Britain and how it evolved into the nation that it is today.
  • Paper 2: AS Level: Russia in Revolution (Exam 1hr 30 mins - 20% A Level, 40% AS Level) This Unit focuses on the build up to the Russian revolution in 1917, focussing upon the rule of the Tsar from 1894-1917. Students will study the build up to the Bloody Revolution of 1905, as well as the rise of opposition to Tsarist rule, leading ultimately to defeat in the Great War against Germany, and the dramatic events that led to Lenin taking control in the October revolution of 1917. This is an excellent opportunity to examine in depth, a country that has been shrouded in mystery, and leads students to understand the significant changes Russia made as a nation until 1924.
  • Paper 3: Germany 1871-1990: United, divided and reunited (Exam 2hrs 15 mins - 30% A Level) This unit investigates the country with one of the most controversial and dramatic histories of the Twentieth Century. Students study the ways in which Germany evolved as a new state in the Nineteenth century and the conflict which arose from its attempt to assert its power and ambitions. The course looks at the dramatic changes of fortune of a country that was defeated twice in major global conflicts, that rejected democracy in favour of a brutal dictatorship, that saw itself divided into two separate states along ideological lines and finally the challenge of reunification and the attempt to create a truly united Germany.
  • Coursework: The coursework unit focuses on Interpretations of history. Students research and investigate a historical event, individual or issue of their choice which has caused disagreement amongst historians. (Teacher marked: 3000-4000 word essay)

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If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Adeyfield School directly.

Last updated date: 31 August 2016
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