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Mathematics at Downham Market Academy

Course description

A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics

From September 2017 A - Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics are changing.

  • At Downham Market Academy we shall be offering the A - Level Mathematics course, studied over 2 years. We shall also be offering the A - Level Further Mathematics course, also studied over 2 years.
  • The courses will be linear - this means examinations will be taken at the end of the two years only. There will be regular assessments and mock examinations throughout the two years so we can monitor students' progress. 
  • The new AS/A - Level courses demand use of ICT throu ghout the course. It will be essential for students to be somewhat familiar with using spreadsheets (eg. MS Excel). Students will also need to be able to use graphing software but there is no prerequisite for this before starting the course.
  • There is a new demand for students to have access to calculators that can handle statistical functions. However restrictions on programmable calculators will remain in place for examinations so we strongly advise you seek advice before committing to purchase a device. The mathematics department will be able to help and will seek to have a recommended model before the courses commence. 
  • A - Level Mathematics will contain Pure (Core) Mathematics (around 2/3 of the course), Mechanics (about 1/6 of the course) and Statist ics (about 1/3 of the course). Full details can be obtained from the Department of Education website, examination board websites or ask a member of the mathematics department.
  • The content for Further Mathematics is 50% statutory with the other 50% being decided by examination boards. We would expect A - Level Further Mathematics to involve some Pure (Core) Mathematics, Mechanics, Statistics and Discrete (Decision) Mathematics. Details of the 50% prescribed content can be found from the Department of Educa tion website, full course content can be found on individual examination board websites.
  • At Downham Market Academy we are likely to follow the AQA examination board for all Mathematics courses. The following is what they are currently proposing as their examination process but this will need approval from Government. The mathematics department should be able to provide more up to date information on this


 A - Level Mathematics:

  • Paper 1 - 2 hours - 100 marks - Pure
  • Paper 2 - 2 hours - 100 marks - Pure and Mechanics
  • Paper 3 - 2 hours - 100 marks - Pure and Statistics

A - Level Further Mathematics:

  • Paper 1 - 2 hours - 100 marks - Pure
  • Paper 2 - 2 hours - 100 marks - Pure
  • Paper 3 - 2 hours - 100 marks - Choose one of: (i) Discrete and Statistics, (ii) Mech anics and Statistics, (iii) Discrete and Mechanics

Further information

The new A - Level courses are not required to be any more difficult than the current courses. However there is a bigger emphasis on problem solving and connections between topic areas. Examination boards have worked closely with Universities on the new Mathematics A - Levels to help prepare students for further study of the subject beyond VI Form

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Downham Market Academy directly.

Last updated date: 09 October 2017

Key information

  • Start date: Next September