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French A Level at South Axholme Academy

Course description

By studying French at A level you will build on the knowledge and skills gained through your GCSE. In addition you will gain an insight into the culture and issues of France and Francophone countries, putting you in touch with 200 million French speakers around the world. In taking French at A level you are opening up your future opportunities by acquiring a skill that is valued and needed by employers and highly regarded by universities. Perhaps even more importantly you are learning a skill that will be valuable for the rest of your life.

Course content

At AS Level you will study the 3 Core areas of Social Issues and Trends, Artistic Culture and Grammar, and a 4 fourth unit in which you will study a literary text or a film.

At A Level you will study the 4 core areas of Social Issues and Trends, Political and Artistic Culture and Grammar, including; Aspects of French-Speaking society, Artistic culture in the French-Speaking world, Multiculturalism and Aspects of political life in French society.

You will also study a fourth unit consisting of either one French literary text and one French film, or 2 French literary texts.

Entry requirements

You will need to achieve a grade B or above at French GCSE, having taken the Higher Tier papers


At AS level you will sit 3 examinations. Paper 1 is a Listening, Reading and Writing paper, lasting 1 hour 45 minutes and worth 40% of the AS. Paper 2 is a writing assessment requiring a critical approach of a film or literary text, in French, and a translation exercise, lasting 1 hour 15 minutes and worth 30% of the AS. Paper 3 is a Speaking assessment, consisting of a single exam lasting 14 minutes and worth 30% of the total AS.

At A Level you will sit 3 papers. Paper 1 is a Reading, Writing and Listening exam, lasting 2 hours 30 minutes, worth 40% of the A level. Paper 2 is a Writing examination on the film and literary texts requiring a critical analysis in French of the texts studied, lasting 2 hours and worth 30% of the A level. Paper 3 is a Speaking assessment based on an individual research project, lasting 23 minutes and worth 30% of the total A level.

Future opportunities

An A Level in a language will open doors for you. You can continue to study French alongside most other subjects at university (Law, Sciences, the Arts, Mathematics etc.) and any area of employment you can think of will have an international dimension, areas such as IT, Engineering, Teaching, Accountancy, Law, Journalism, Marketing and Sales. Employers recognise that by having studied a language you have gained skills in communication, organisation, logical thinking and problem solving. Regardless of your future choices, an A Level in French will give you an advantage over your competitors in the job market, where 75% of British businesses acknowledge that their businesses are suffering from a lack of language skills.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact South Axholme Academy directly.

Last updated date: 02 September 2016

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