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Chemistry A Level at Tiffin School

Course description

The school follows the AQA specification.

The specification has separated the areas into physical, inorganic and organic chemistry to help students clearly identify which branch of chemistry they are studying. This is particularly useful for students wanting to study chemistry at University and take up research opportunities in their chosen specialised field.

Course content

First year of A-level
Physical chemistry: Including atomic structure, amount of substance, bonding, energetics, kinetics, chemical equilibria and Le Chatelier’s principle.

Inorganic chemistry: Including periodicity, Group 2 the alkaline earth metals, Group 7(17) and the halogens. Organic chemistry: Including introduction to organic chemistry, alkanes, halogenoalkanes, alkenes, alcohols and organic analysis.

Second year of A-level
Physical chemistry: Including thermodynamics, rate equations, equilibrium constant (Kc) for homogeneous systems, electrode potentials and electrochemical cells. Inorganic chemistry: Including properties of Period 3 elements and their oxides, transition metals and reactions of ions in aqueous solution.

Organic chemistry: Including optical isomerism, aldehydes and ketones, carboxylic acids and derivatives, aromatic chemistry, amines, polymers, amino acids, proteins and DNA, organic synthesis, NMR spectroscopy and chromatography.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Tiffin School directly.

Last updated date: 15 November 2017
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