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Computer Science A Level at Cleeve School

Course description

Computers are widely used in all aspects of government, business, industry, education, leisure and the home. In this increasingly technological age, the study of Computer Science, and particularly how computers are used in the solution of problems, is an essential skill. Learning to use software packages and hardware is not a major part of the course; the emphasis is on how a computer works and computational thinking (problem solving) - an important life skill.

Computer Science is a highly academic subject which demands both logical understanding and creativity in order to design, write, test and debug computer applications. You will learn to develop computer applications via a high level computer language as well as developing an in depth understanding of the theory behind computers and how they communicate. This includes networking, the structure of the Internet and web page design, the fundamental parts of the computer and its architecture and how data is represented in computers. How do processors work? How is hardware made to do the things we want it to do?

Course content

The characteristics of contemporary processors,
input, output and storage devices
Software and software development, Programming,

Exchanging data
Data types, data structures and algorithms
Legal, moral, ethical and cultural issues

Algorithms and problem solving (02):
Elements of computational thinking
Problem solving and programming

Programming project (03 or 04)
Analysis of the problem, Design of the solution
Developing the solution, Evaluation

Entry requirements

All students should have achieved grade 6 in GCSE Maths. Students that took a GCSE level in any IT qualification should also have achieved a B grade.


Computer Science principles (01)
70 marks 2 hour and 30 minutes written paper
40% of total A Level
Algorithms and problem solving (02)
70 marks 2 hour and 30 minutes written paper
40% of total A Level
Programming project (03 or 04)
70 marks Non-exam assessment
20% of total A Level

Future opportunities

• IT and Computer specialists are constantly in demand and are amongst
the highest earners in the UK. Most companies that use software to
develop a new system will require Systems Analysts and Software
• The computer games industry, now allegedly producing more money than
Hollywood, is always on the lookout for Programmers, especially with
graphics skills.
• Web site design and development offers a huge opportunity for
Programmers who have the required web development programming
• Network and Technical support provides opportunities for those who
prefer to work on the hardware components.
An A Level in Computer Science would be highly beneficial and provide you with the foundation of knowledge and understanding to allow you to
decide where your future may lie..

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Cleeve School directly.

Last updated date: 02 November 2017
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