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Physics A Level at Wanstead High School

Course description

There is no coursework for A level Physics. There are practical skills that are assessed throughout the units called Required Practical’s (RP’s). These will test and help pupils practise a set of common skills which will assessed as a part of the examination papers at the end of the year. A minimum of 6 RP’s are carried out in the A Level course.

Course content

Advanced GCE Physics is made up of five mandatory sections in Year 12 and four further mandatory sections in Year 13. All of the sections are externally assessed through examinations at the end of the second year. At A level, there is an external assessment (Paper 3) to test practical skills and data analysis and one of the options.

Section 1 – Measurements and their errors
3.1.1 Use of SI Units and Prefixes
3.1.2 Limitation of Physical Measurement
3.1.3 Estimation of Physical Quantities

Section 2 – Particles and radiation
3.2.1 Particles
3.2.2 Electromagnetic Radiation and Quantum Phenomena

Section 3 – Waves
3.3.1 Progressive and Stationary Waves
3.3.2 Refraction, Diffraction and Interference.

Section 4 – Mechanics and materials
3.4.1 Forces, Energy and Momentum
3.4.2 Materials

Section 5 – Electricity
3.5.1 Current Electricity

Section 6 –Further mechanics and thermal physics
3.6.1 Periodic Motion
3.6.2 Thermal Physics

Section 7 – Fields and their consequences
3.7.1 Fields
3.7.2 Gravitational Fields
3.7.3 Electric Fields
3.7.4 Capacitance
3.7.5 Magnetic Fields

Section 8 – Nuclear physics
3.8.1 Radioactivity

Section 9 – Options
Option A – Astrophysics or
Option B – Medical physics or
Option C – Engineering physics or
Option D – Turning points in physics or
Option E – Electronics

Entry requirements

Grade B (6-9) Maths and two science grades at BB are the minimum expected If you have taken separate science GCSEs, we will require a B grade in physics and a B grade in one other science subject. If you plan to take two science subjects, you will need grade AB at GCSE.

Future opportunities

As well as obvious career choices such as engineering, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and teaching. There are a number of other careers for which physics could unlock the door: medical physicist, optician, architect, veterinary surgeon, food scientist, metallurgist, forensic scientist, radiographer or electrician.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Wanstead High School directly.

Last updated date: 31 March 2017
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