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Application of Science Level 2 at Hartlepool Sixth Form College

Course description

In the single year of the course you will study:

Unit 5 Application of Chemical Substances It is important for chemists working in the manufacturing industry to be able to measure the amount of energy given out or absorbed during chemical reactions. You will measure the amount of heat that some reactions give out and other reactions take in and also look at how crude oil is distilled to produce different materials, many used as fuels. You will study the structure, reactions and uses of some important organic chemicals and their everyday applications in areas such as firefighting.

Unit 6 Application of Physical Science You will develop an understanding of motion and how it relates to road safety and will have the opportunity to find out how to represent motion graphically, investigate how speed cameras operate and develop an understanding of how forces impact on car safety. You will also investigate light and how it is used to make our roads safer. You could also explore how the human eye functions and how spectacles are used to correct defects in vision. Finally in this unit, you will explore the use of electricity and its practical application in the modern world.

Unit 7 Health Applications of Life Science This unit covers both the positive and negative aspects of diet and exercise, and should encourage you to develop a balanced view of issues such as obesity and eating disorders. There will also be an opportunity to study the human immunity and how vaccinations can be used to boost the body’s natural system. Consideration of the public’s response to issues surrounding the use of vaccinations could also be included. There is also an opportunity for you to investigate some of the screening programmes that are used to help early identification or diagnosis of disease. A fascinating study can be made of how scientific research has improved in recent years. Other interesting medical applications, including blood transfusions and stem cell research, are covered in this unit.

Unit 8 Scientific Skills You will build on the scientific investigation skills you have developed in other units by:

* carrying out theoretical and practical research

* working in a pilot scale department

* carrying out quality control tests on chemical, biological or physical samples during the stages of the manufacture of products

* calibrating audiological, optical or medical equipment to ensure accuracy

* growing cultures in a laboratory

* testing waste products

* ensuring food products are not harmful

* ensuring water is safe to drink
* testing and drawing conclusions from forensic science evidence.

Entry requirements

Students who are more suited to vocational studies should consider BTEC Application of Science if they do not have a grade C in GCSE Science, but require a level 2 qualification for their progression route.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Hartlepool Sixth Form College directly.

Last updated date: 04 June 2014
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1-2 Years