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Mathematics and Further Mathematics A Level at Seven Kings School

Course description

Who should study Mathematics? 

We will offer a range of Mathematics options at AS and A-level. These include Pure Mathematics with Mechanics, Pure Mathematics with Statistics, Decision Maths and Further Mathematics.

To take any Mathematics A-level, students must have at least an ‘A’ grade at GCSE. It is recommended that any student wishing to take AS in Further Mathematics should have an A* grade. 

Course content

AS Mathematics

In Year 12, for the AS level, students take a combination of three modules of Mathematics. Core Maths 1 (C1), Core Maths 2 (C2) and one of the applied modules, Statistics 1 (S1) or Mechanics 1 (M1).

C1- Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Sequences, Differentiation and Integration.

C2- Trigonometry, Logarithm, Binomial expansion, Radians, Differentiation, Integration

S1- Probability, Correlation, Regression, Normal distribution, Random variables

M1- Newton’s Laws, Kinematics, Moments, Vectors

A2 Mathematics

In Year 13, full A-level students take a further 3 modules of Mathematics. Core Maths 3 (C3), Core Maths 4 (C4) and Statistics 2 (S2) or Mechanics 2 (M2).

C3- Functions, Logarithms, Numerical methods, Trigonometry, Differentiation

C4- Vectors, Differentiation, Integration, Coordinate Geometry

S2-Binomial and Poisson Distribution, Continues random variables, Probability, Hypothesis testing

M2- Centre of mass, Work, Energy and Power, Collision, Rigid bodies

AS Further Mathematics

In year 12 for AS Further Maths students take combination of three modules of Mathematics; Decision Maths 1 (D1), Further Maths 1 (FP1), Statistics 1  or Mechanics 1

D1- Algorithms, Graphs and Networks, Linear Programming, Critical Path Analysis

FP1- Complex numbers, Matrix Algebra, Series, Proof by Induction

A2 Further Mathematics

In Year 13, full A-level students take a further 3 modules. Further Maths 2 (FP2), Further Maths 3 (FP3), Statistics 2 (S2) or Mechanics 2 (M2)

FP2- Complex numbers, Differential equations, Series, Polar coordinates.

FP3- Vectors, Matrices, Integration, Differentiation


Each module is assessed by a written examination lasting 1hr and 30mins. All modules carry equal weighting.

Yr12- All modules  will be assessed in Summer 2017

Yr13- All modules will be assessed in Summer 2018

Future opportunities

Mathematics supports the learning in many other subjects, such as Sciences, Economics, Geography and Phycology.

There are many opportunities for further study which could lead to higher education and a range of careers including accountancy, banking, chemistry, physics, Actuarial Science, medicine, computing, engineering and teaching.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Seven Kings School directly.

Last updated date: 09 March 2017
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