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Geography AS at St Paul's Catholic School for Girls

Course description

Contemporary geography is a subject which explicitly engages with the relationship of human populations to each other over space and time and their relationship with their physical environment at a variety of scales from the local to the global.

The content of AQA GCE Geography follows an issues and impacts approach throughout. It has a developmental structure designed to facilitate progression through the course and beyond to link with the demands of higher level study. Concepts covered at GCSE may be revisited at AS, but not repeated. Concepts covered in AS may be further developed but not repeated at A2.

Course content

Unit 3 --  Contemporary Geographical Issues.An issues-based approach to contemporary geographical themes.  PHYSICAL Geography: Plate tectonics and associated hazards; Weather and climate and    associated hazards. HUMAN Geography:  World Cities; Development and Globalisation.

Unit 4A--  Geography Fieldwork Investigation. This unit gives candidates the opportunity to extend an area of the subject content into a more detailed fieldwork study. Candidates analyse and evaluate their fieldwork in response to the questions set. In addition, candidates will be assessed on fieldwork skills. OR

Unit 4B --Geographical Issue Evaluation. This unit gives candidates the opportunity to use their skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation. An advance information booklet is pre-released 2 months prior to the exam to facilitate candidates’ research into an area which extends from the specification content.

Entry requirements

Minimum Grade C GCSE Geography


Unit 3 – GEOG3 - Contemporary Geographical Issues - 30% of A Level - 2 hour 30 minutes written examination - 90 marks - Structured short and extended questions, plus an essay

Unit 4 – either GEO4A Geography Fieldwork Investigation - or GEO4B Geographical Issue Evaluation - 20% of A Level - 1 hour 30 minutes written examination - 60 marks

GEO4A – structured short and extended questions based on candidates’ fieldwork investigation and fieldwork skills.                                                                                   GEO4B – structured short and extended questions based on an Advance Information Booklet, released on 1 November for January examinations and 1 April for June examinations

Future opportunities

Geography students are among the most employable. They possess the skills that employers look for. In part this is because Geography brings together all other subjects.  Future opportunities in further education include:

-PGCE (teaching qualification).

-MSc (e.g. environmental assessment, land management, pollution and environmental control, information systems engineering, rural resource management).                                                                                                                           - MA (e.g. cultural geography, society space, international business, town planning).                                                                                                                                   - PhD (e.g. glaciology, geography of finance, quaternary environmental change, geography of health care).

Further information

A residential fieldtrip investigation in the Spring Term of Year 12 (AS) is a vital element of the course

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact St Paul's Catholic School for Girls directly.

Last updated date: 20 May 2014
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