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Drama A Level at Oasis Academy Shirley Park

Course description

AS/A Level Drama will offer you a unique academic and practical experience here at OASP. Drama is a highly structured discipline, which provides a unique opportunity for creativity, allowing you to explore issues and provoke ideas in a safe environment. It involves: an understanding and observation of human experience; communication, sharing and team-work; analytical and evaluation skills as well as the development of presentation and performance skills. This course is particularly suitable for students who have studied GCSE Drama and wish to study Drama at a higher level. However, it is important to note that drama skills are welcomed in nearly every company and career and employers recognise that a good drama student can interact with people, are skilled at managing others and deliver presentations of the highest quality with confidence. A good drama student, can therefore make an outstanding leader.

Course content

Unit 1: Exploration of Drama and Theatre;
You will explore two contrasting play texts, in a practical and active way. A set of Exploration Notes based on individual research and response to the practical work to a maximum of 3,000 words must be submitted. You will watch at least four live theatre performances and submit an evaluation of one of them.

Unit 2: Theatre Text in Performance;
This unit contains two elements. It requires you to a) be directed by your teacher in a group performance of a play by a known writer and b) perform either a monologue or duologue. You may be entered as a performer or as a designer. These will be assessed under examination conditions by a visiting examiner. There is no written examination at AS Level.

Unit 3: Exploration of Dramatic Performance;
Students create a unique and original piece of theatre. Your rehearsals and performances are recorded and assessed by your Drama teacher. You may be assessed as a performer or a designer.

Unit 4: Theatre Text in Context;
This unit requires the detailed study of one play text, set by Edexcel and one prescribed historical period of theatrical development. The assessment takes the form of a 2 and a half hours written paper, which is divided into 3 sections.

Entry requirements

Students who wish to succeed in drama need to be self-motivators, ready and open to take part in a combination of both practical and theoretical sessions. Students need to be able to self-reflect and self-evaluate, as well as having the ability to unpick theatrical performances and review them accordingly. At both AS and A-Level, students rehearse and perform scripted and devised pieces which are externally moderated. Therefore, students need to be confident working with scripts, taking direction and being able to work independently in their own time, putting in the ground work. Devised theatre in particular, (which is studied at A level) requires students to have a sound knowledge of theatre practitioners and performance techniques, which students can then apply imaginatively to their own work. At both AS and A-level, there needs to be a high level of commitment and a willingness to work on an ongoing basis from both academic and pastoral perspective.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Oasis Academy Shirley Park directly.

Last updated date: 13 April 2017
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