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A Level Physics at Wadebridge School

Course description

AS Level


  • Unit 1: 
    Forces in action
    Work and Energy 
  • Unit 2: 
    Electrons, Waves and Photons
    Electric Current
    DC Circuits
    Quantum Physics
  • Unit 3
    Practical Skills in Physics 1
  • One task from each of the following categories: qualitative, quantitative and evaluative tasks.


A2 Level

  • Unit 4: 
    The Newtonian World
    Newton’s laws and momentum
    Circular Motion and Oscillations
    Thermal Physics 
  • Unit 5: 
    Fields, Particles and Frontiers of Physics
    Electric and Magnetic Fields
    Capacitors and Exponential Decay
    Nuclear Physics
    Medical Imaging
    Modelling the Universe
  • Unit 6: 
    Practical Skills in Physics 2
  • One task from each of the following categories: qualitative, quantitative and evaluative tasks.

Entry requirements

Students are required to reach the Wadebridge Sixth Form Level 3 entry criteria and Grade B or above in at least 2 of the Separate Science GCSEs or Grade B or above in both Core and Additional Science GCSEs.  In addition to these Science GCSEs you also need Grade B or above in a Maths GCSE.  The course needs good mathematical ability and, although not essential, it is recommended that A-level Mathematics is also studied.


  • Practical activities.
  • Demonstrations of Physics principles.
  • Working through physics problems in small groups.
  • Group work on presentations, posters, etc.
  • Using ICT to research and present information.
  • Practice exam questions.

Future opportunities

For those with an ambition to be at the forefront of developing technologies and theories that describe our reality it is necessary to study physics at A-level and beyond. For students with ambitions in other areas such as business management or finance the study of physics during senior school is also important even if those students do not intend to study physics or science at university. It demands respect from many employers and university administration officers as it provides students with excellent analytical, problem solving and quantitative skills.

Further information

Independent Study Time: 
A successful Physics student will keep up to date with developments in Science by reading news articles and watching documentaries such as Horizon to broaden their Physics knowledge. They will need to review topics covered in lessons as well as preparing for the topics to be taught. In addition to this, this they will need to complete practice exam questions and other specific homework tasks on a regular basis. These will be assessed regularly and allow us to monitor progress and feedback strategies for improvement to the students.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Wadebridge School directly.

Last updated date: 20 April 2015

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