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History AS Level at Queens Park Community School

Course description

The study of History at A Level involves research into issues of the past, the analysis of
evidence and the ability to form a balanced view about conflicting ideas. The course now contains a compulsory British element, but offers a wide range of choice over areas studied. 

Course content

Unit 1:
British study and enquiry–Britain 1930-1997
[25% of the course]
Enquiry topic: Churchill

Churchill and international diplomacy 1939–1951
Churchill as wartime Prime Minister
Churchill’s view of events 1929–1940
British Period Study: Britain 1951–1997
Conservative domination 1951–1964
Labour and Conservative governments 1964–1979
Thatcher and the end of consensus 1979–1997Unit 2:
Non-British study–
The French Revolution and Napoleon 1774-1815
[15% of  the course]

The causes of the French Revolution from 1774 and the events of 1789
The Revolution from October 1789 to the Directory 1795
Napoleon Bonaparte to 1807
The decline and fall of Napoleon 1807–1815

Unit 3:
Thematic study and historical interpretations–The Middle East 1908-2011
[40% of thecourse]

Key topics include:

The Role of the Great Powers in the Middle East
Zionism, Israel and the Palestinian issue
Statehood and Pan Arabism in the Middle East

Depth Studies include:

Religion, ethnicity and political Minorities

Arab-Israeli Conflict 1948–1956

Nasserism 1952–1970

Unit 4:
Individual assignment,  3,000-4,000 word essaystudent choice of topic
[20% of  thecourse]

The essay should include an explanation and analysis of different perspectives on a clearly-stated historical issue, drawing on a range of primary and secondary material. It will thereforeutilise the skills and understanding developed elsewhere in the course. As an independent enquiry using a range of sources and interpretations, the essay will require students to develop an understanding of how historians work.

Entry requirements

Grade 6 in GCSE History or another humanities subject [e.g. Geography Grade 6 or Sociology Grade 6].  A keen interest in history.  A willingness to read and undertake research. 


Unit 1: Exam = 90 minutes
Unit 2: Exam = 60 minutes
Unit 3: Exam = 150 minutes
Unit 4: Assessment = 3,000 – 4,000 word essay

Future opportunities

Skills of analysis and forming an opinion are valued by employers who require people who are able to make difficult decisions. As well as History itself, A Level History supports degree study in Law, Politics, English, Languages and the Media.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Queens Park Community School directly.

Last updated date: 17 April 2018
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