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Religious Studies AS & A Level at Barking Abbey School

Course description

AS Level 
Probable themes to be covered here will include: 

    How the terms, good bad right and wrong are understood and interpreted. How such ides apply to practical situations such as abortion, euthanasia, the right of a child, genetic engineering and embryo research.
    Do religion and Science go together in today’s world? This module explores these questions in relation to the topics of miracles, the origins of the universe, the existence of God, were human beings created by God or evolved from apes?

A2 Level 
The following areas of study are offered: 

    A look at aspects of Islam in modern society today. Often a religion which is misunderstood in the West. An attempt to discover some of the truths behind Islam. In particular the following topic areas are covered: the role of women, Shi’ah Islam, Sufism and the problem of freewill.
    Can people really experience God for themselves or is this a sign of mental illness: This Module explores the different experiences which individuals can have of God and questions whether such experiences prove the existence of God. We will examine visions, revelations, conversions and mystical experiences. At the same time we will look at possible reasons for such experiences.

Entry requirements

GCSE Grade B in either History, Sociology, Geography, English or R.S.

However, candidates should be looking at least a 'B' grade or better in a related subject (e.g. History, Sociology, Geography, English etc.) There is also a high literacy content. The course has rapidly become popular with over 90 students now following AS/A2.



Study of AS level Religious Studies includes the study of 2 units of assessment each worth 50%. Each unit is assessed in a 1 hour 15 minutes examination. 

For those students who wish to progress to the full A Level 2 Modules are studied in Year 13. Assessment is two 1 hour 30 minute examination papers. 

Future opportunities

Law, journalism, management, teaching, civil service, research work, medicine, media, nursing, social work, criminology, police, armed forces and psychology

Further information

Note: This subject is viewed as a “traditional subject” by Universities for entry to a range of degree courses.

For further information please speak to Mr Tomlinson/Ms Hassan

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Barking Abbey School directly.

Last updated date: 28 October 2016
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