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Mathematics A level at The Corsham School

Course description

A level mathematics comprises Pure Mathematics units and Applications units.

You will build on the work you have done at GCSE, you will develop your technical ability and understanding thus providing a foundation for the further study of mathematics.

Mathematics has a very high status as an A level subject and combines well with both Science and Arts A levels. Through the study of mathematics you will develop the ability to use mathematical models to solve problems, assess evidence and make informed judgements. Physics students will experience some difficulty if mathematics is not being studied as well. Higher education courses that either require A level mathematics or are strongly related include Economics, Medicine, Architecture, Engineering, Accountancy, Psychology and Computing Science.

Course content

A level Mathematics is a linear course with three 2 hour exams taken at the end of year 13.  The course will cover Core Mathematics, which are the pure mathematics modules extending algebraic skills and introducing new mathematical concepts and ideas as well as applied modules in statistics and mechanics.  The mechanics modules support work studied in Physics A level whilst statistics supports A levels such as Psychology, Geography, Biology and Economics.

Entry requirements

The most important requirement is that you enjoy mathematics and recognize it as a powerful tool for problem solving. You need to have achieved a good grade at GCSE.


The three exams at the end of the course are weighted so the Core Mathematics is worth 67% of the total marks and the applied modules, Mechanics and Statistics, 33% of the total marks.

Future opportunities

Mathematicians have a wide choice of careers open to them which include business and finance, computing industry, operational research and teaching. In fact almost any career where the ability to think logically is required.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Corsham School directly.

Last updated date: 06 November 2017

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