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Performing Engineering Operations Apprenticeship - NVQ at WS Training

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To complete a Performing Engineering Operations Apprenticeship the following are required:

The Performing Engineering Operations NVQ Level 2 is made up of 3 mandatory units and 3 of the optional units. Either 1 from Group A and 2 from Group B OR 3 from group B

Performing Engineering Operations Level 2 Mandatory UnitsGroup 1

1. Working safely in an engineering environment

2. Developing yourself and working with other people on engineering activities

3. Using and communicating technical information

Group A

1. Identifying and selecting engineering materials

2. Marking out for engineering activities

3. Applying quality control in engineering

4. Erecting and dismantling access structures (up to two metres)

5. Moving loads by slinging and lifting

Group B (Optional Units)

1. Using computer software packages to assist with engineering activities

2. Fitting using hand skills

3. Machining engineering materials

4. Maintaining fluid power systems

5. Maintaining mechanical devices and systems

6. Forming and assembling pipe work systems

7. Assembling and testing fluid power systems

8. Installing and dismantling ancillary steel work

9. Producing sheet metal components and assemblies

10. Joining materials by welding

11. Cutting materials using oxy-fuel gas cutting equipment

12. Wiring and testing electrical circuits

13. Building and testing electronic circuits

14. Maintaining and testing instrumentation devices

15. Using 'programmable logic control' based systems

16. Using Computer Numerical Controlled machines

17. Producing engineering drawings using Computer Aided Design

18. Using wood for pattern/ model making and other engineering applications

19. Making components from composite materials

20. Preparing sand moulds and cores for casting

21. Producing castings

22. Finishing surfaces by applying coatings or coverings

23. Finish surfaces by applying treatments

24. Heat treating engineering materials

25. Maintaining electrical equipment/ and systems

26. Maintaining electronic equipment/ and systems

27. Installing electrical wiring support systems

28. Preparing and using industrial robots

29. Forging engineering materials

30. Producing computer software packages to assist with engineering activities

31. Producing plate work components and assemblies

32. Preparing and manoeuvring aircraft on the ground

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact WS Training directly.

Last updated date: 20 May 2014
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